Oriole's Idea Shop

Oriole’s Idea Shop

Hello everyone! As I always like to think forward, I have come up with plenty of ideas that can be implemented sooner or later depending on its scale. This thread will keep a running list and opinion board of my ideas, which if come true I think you guys will like. Let me know which one of these you like and which ones may need some tweaking. Sure, Buildandshoot is no longer a thriving community like it once was, and it likely won’t ever be again, but since the aloha community pretty much rules the classic game at this point, we can still keep playing together in this small little enclave as long as we’re still young.

New Things

  1. Aloha League-
    A lot of people will say this is a crazy idea, because it sort of is, but I was thinking of a giant individual league hosted by Aloha that could include anyone who signed up. There would be multiple levels of competiton, and a couple of divisions on each level, each division containing 10 players. 1v1 matches would take place to a set amount of kills, and a win would earn 3 points. The top 3 would be promoted, the bottom 3 relegated, and the middle 4 would stay. Since scheduling is the main reason that these sort of things don’t work out, the league would be on your own pace. You would only have to play each member in your division by a set deadline, which will be a reasonable length of time (several months). Those promoted would have a little playoff to determine who the champion of each level is, but they would still all get promoted. Playoffs on the first level would always be the most exciting. More details will follow if this receives interest. I think this might work because of the freedom to play at your own pace.

  2. Duel game mode-
    This is a fun game mode I thought of. The mode would be spade-only Each round is a little tournament, where the map is filled with podiums for two players to spawn, kind of like swordplay in Wii Sports Resort. The duels would be held in smashoff style, where spade hits would propel the opponent back (without taking damage) until one falls off. The winners move on to an inner ring, where they duel with another winner, until they get to the final stage and the champion of the round is determined. I think this would be a fun gamemode that could replace the smashoff test server. Of course, this would require someone to program the gamemode, which if someone would be up for the challenge would be great.

  3. Summer and Winter Aloha All-Star Games
    This could tie in to the individual league, or it could be seperate, but the all-star games would be in winter and summer and the 32 best active players, as voted on by the community or in correlation with end-of-season league results would battle in a tdm or ctf. Since specs couldn’t fit, we could have some big Skype groups with the people recording using screen share to view the game live.


  1. More guards/admins
    Even though we do our best to ban cheaters, a lot of them still slip through when no guards and admins are around, so I think we need a better process for selecting guards, admins, and trusted players. Although this sounds rude, I think more applications should be accepted and the applications processed faster. Most people here are very smart, so with just a bit of training, they can grow into their positions quickly and do their job well. Most people here are kind and trustworthy. The only reason I’m saying this is that when cheaters come around, there is usually not an admin around and only a few of us have PUBovl to present evidence in a thread.

  2. Consider taking some servers down
    Even though all of the game modes are fun, we all know that only three servers are populated these days: hallway, babel, and arenacs. Some of the least-populated servers I see are fortwars, digdug, tennis, football, global war, last stand, land claim, irpg, and king of the hill. These servers rarely get any users and should be considered for removal and kept as “special” servers for FSOMs and private events.

  3. Bring back Free-for-all!
    Ffa was one of my favorite modes pre-buildandshoot. It is one of the essential shooting game modes and should be brought back.

  4. Have weekly and monthly leaderboards in addition to the all-time leaderboard

  5. Make Ten Story Towers and Smashoff compatible with leaderboards
    As of now, they do not work.

Just some ideas, so relax. These are not explicitly imperative in any way. For all who reply: Leave which idea you would be most excited to see in real life at the end of your post.
Thanks! :smiley:

The entire game needs a redoing, Ill attempt to remake it in unity when I get a chance but that is a maybe

Haha, I never said that! The game is OK, I don’t mind the 80’s graphics. That would be a lot for one guy to take on. Plus, wouldn’t unity get rid of the “voxel” aspect of the game anyway?

I like the duel game mode, but that sounds more like an event type of thing.

As to the more guards/admins, a lot of them are ban evaders, and therefore difficult to handle. Making abuse reports with accurate filmage and the correct tools helps a lot too.

Not really it would just take time
Unity has a bunch of voxel engines I can use if I don’t create one.

I couldn’t agree more

I just put up a new FFA script I’m trying out on http://west.aloha.pk:29886
The kill counts will be messed up ingame (/ratio will show the correct score), but it’ll be more tolerable than the old FFA.

Also, taking down empty servers only prevents players from playing on them. It doesn’t help anyone to turn them off.

Danke, Danke (See what I did there?) for the ffa script, it looks good. If we can get some players back on there it would restore the glory. :smiley:

There should be a spade only server called the “Shank Server” :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you guys like any of the ideas? Like the league, for instance?

I would keep the barren servers, they might not be populated often, but when they are, which does happen occasionally, they are a ton of fun.

If anyone would like to put one of my ideas forward, just sling me a PM and we can get to it!

Yeah, but aloha already hosts tournaments and/or competitions occasionally.

Well, this is an idea for a tournament that Aloha can host, as is the purpose of the thread.

What we really need are ways to spread AoS .75 back to the days where 2000 players would play at one time.

The “Play when you have time” tournaments sadly don’t work that well. Revolution tried it and it worked out alright for the first match, but after that people kept on being busy and we just kinda stopped doing the tourny. It was fun while it lasted though.

And what I think is really needed is a “Map Skip” vote feature. Back in the days when all the servers were filled all the time. A big reason why people would leave when playing on Arena All Maps is that we would reach some really boring map and half the server would leave. It would be great to have /votemapskip and then text come up saying “Torch voted to skip this map!” or something like that in maybe a neutral color.

The same could be done for all the extra fun game modes that people rarely play on. They could combine them all onto one empty server and call it “Minigames” or something. Then add a /votechangegamemode command in and if everyone agrees it would cycle game modes.

Just some ideas.

Those are some good ideas. Maybe a majority rules for map skip and mode change, cause not everyone knows how to vote (take votekicks, for example).

I don’t see how somebody couldn’t find time for 9 matches that each would take an hour tops over 3 months, other than laziness or maybe an actual full-time career, but it would be more experimental than competitive, trying one season wouldn’t hurt. I might send a PM to some of the Big Kahunas about this, see what they think and if it’s worth their time.

Yep, doesn’t hurt to try. I might sign up if I have time.

This idea sound nice, especially if you consider using this on Babel, because sometimes, maps would keep alternating, ie you played on swag then you got maze hills and then the next map will be swag again. It can really bore people out and take a lot of the fun out of the game

Assuming that in this thread all ideas are welcome:

I just found this article on Gamasutra: The Poor Man's Voxel Engine

The engine is on GitHub, and miiight possibly be used as a basis for a Spades Of Aces 0.77 …
…assuming that someone is interested in picking up such a project.

I will try to add other game improvement / expansion ideas to this thread on a basis of this imaginary new engine, not limited by the limitations of the current AOS