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In my mis-spent youth (as opposed to my mis-spent maturity of now), I played a game named Scorched Earth.

This rather addictive 2d artillery game has game elements which I think might translate well to 3d voxel.
The easiest step would be to use the SE pixel manipulation to spiff up grenade effect on voxels.
Another idea could be to have artillery pieces that could be manipulated for angle and strength similar to SE.
Locate ammo in the tent, and disallow ammo carriers any other weapons.
One game mode could be to position an artillery piece in the center of the map, and give it range to reach the tents. Whoever controls thee artillery controls the game… but also has a long logistical line of weak ammunition carriers.
With the artillery firing beyond line of sight, artillery spotters become useful. different ammunition can have different effects (as in SE).

Just some thoughts for a potential reboot of the BNS scene, rather than only trying to create more and more AOS clones .

Feel free to rip it all apart.


Wow, I played a game just like that called “tanks” back in 2005 or something

I played it too! Good load fun especially the destructive terrains.

Actually, another good use for “interesting” terrain modification effects could be to play as “suicide bomber”.
Score enough conventional kills to buy a small nuke in the tent, and try to reach the opposition to set it off.
If you are killed by a spawncamper then the damage is done where you stand.

I think “dirt-bombs” could be a lot of fun, not to mention “lava bombs”


Dirt nades have been around since before Ben left iirc lol.

Yep, I have dug through enough Ponys at Sham’s