[OPPA]Psy[OPPA] admin pls read and decide

the reason i didn’t post this on the report glitchers/hackers/greifers is because i dont have a clue how often it is read. [OPPA]Psy[OPPA] had aimbot and he admitted to it but left the game before his votekick was completed. just making this thread to alert admins because no admin was active on the IRC. Please do what you will but i’d rather not see him on aloha servers anymore. He thought he could just pretend like he never had it. I’ve got a feeling he will change his name soon.

I have recently played with him and it seems his “cheating” device or program has been turned off, whatever the case he has the ability to cheat when he wants to.

guess i’ll have to.

If you ever need to get evidence of a hacker, download bandicam and take a video from spectator mode. It helps admins & if they try to appeal.