OpenSpades is an open source OpenGL-based alternative client of the original Voxlap Ace of Spades Classic 0.75 client. it’s compatible with PySnip/pyspades, which means you can use it to play on all of our AoS 0.75 servers as well as all AoS 0.75 servers listed on runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

here’s a video of ei8htx playing on our AoS 0.75 babel server:

…and a video from the developer himself playing on our AoS 0.75 infiltration and babel servers:

on pinpoint:

on babel:

on zombies:

on arena:

official website: OpenSpades
download: Downloads - OpenSpades
source: GitHub - yvt/openspades: Compatible client of Ace of Spades 0.75

there’s a discussion about OpenSpades brewing on where the developer is responding: OpenSpades introduction - Build and Shoot









Me gusta

looks nice
maybe too nice

also… Who is the developer? Where did he come from?

If we could have this replace the old 0.75 and develop it further to what we visioned with the old 1.0, we would be set. I liked everything about it, except that 1) you can’t minimize without having a pointer 2) no scroll feature to move to grenades or spade and 3) cannot switch weapons or teams (or at least I couldn’t find out).

Can’t play it.:frowning:

this is REALLY exciting. I love this so much. Shaders are amazing, sound is amazing, everything <3

I love everything about this except that it requires a good pc.There are some different things from normal aos but I guess the developer can fix them.

I am getting error occured GL glGenFramebuffers missing ???

i’m so happy i just crapped my pants. i haven’t done that in nearly 45 minutes.

Yay, front page!

Press “L” to switch class/team.

Run in window to avoid losing cursor for now.

Hell. Fucking. Yes.

We obviously need to add some servers for this shit. Right the hell nao. o.O

EDIT: Like Froelich has said, I don’t want this replacing the old servers. I want it added like how we have v.76 servers as well as v.75.

it’s compatible with all existing 0.75 vanilla and PySnip/pyspades servers…

I like this a lot so far, but I don’t foresee it replacing the old client. I think it might be too power hungry and that a large percent of the player base won’t be able to use it. We as a community should still certainly support it, however!

The graphics and effects are really amazing. Only complaint I have is tabbing out and losing my cursor, but as ei8htx said, just playing on windows for now.

I would like the sound (when someone types) removed. It will get annoying once a spammer or a fast typer starts typing non-stop. Also, would the skins have to be converted? I am not the coding or the skins guy so I don’t know.

The models are all still .kv6 (the exact same models) and so they can be swapped out.

Go into resources\models.pak (open with 7zip or winrar)

You could also remove a particular sound file if you wanted (probably sounds.pak)

Looks pretty good

What do you do when this retarded error pops up?

Error occured:

[…/Sources/Client/NetClient.cpp:396] Disconnected: Unknown
Collected backtrace:
void spades::client::NetClient::DoEvents(int) at NetClient.cpp:377
void spades::client:Client::RunFrame(float) at Client.cpp:259
virtual void spades::gui::SDLRunner::Run() at SDLRunner.cpp:197
void MainWindow::StartGame(const std::string&) at MainWindowHandler.cpp:52
void MainWindow::QuickConnectPressed() at MainWindowHandler.cpp:78
int main(int, char**) at Main.cpp:51

It’s awesome, if only I could run it though.