Olympic Medal Count (2012)

So now that we have the Olympics this year I decided to make a top 5 medal count for the participating countries.
I will try to update this list daily after the end of each Olympic day.

#1: United States of America

Gold: 46
Silver: 29
Bronze: 29

Total: 104

#2: China

Gold: 38
Silver: 27
Bronze: 23

Total: 88

#3: Great Britain

Gold: 29
Silver: 17
Bronze: 19

Total: 65

#4: Russia

Gold: 24
Silver: 26
Bronze: 32

Total: 82

#5: South Korea

Gold: 13
Silver: 8
Bronze: 7

Total: 28

(Final Medal Count of 2012 Olympic Games. Ordered by number of Gold Medals)

Although my flag says I reside in Canada, I’m actually of Chinese descent so go team China !!!
Also congratz to the Americans for Michael Phelps’s great win of 19 career medals and his record of 8 gold medals in Beijing. Even though I’m not American I always cheer for Michael during the swimming events :wink:

Haha Chinese sucker, America wins!

But for most of the Olympics, China was ahead in medals.

yay! it was an exciting Olympics

BUT Ha! The Chinese still truly won because they made the USA’s uniforms.

Sadly lol