NotDelta AoS Ban Appeal

Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your “ban” is not just a votekick?

its a full ban from what i see, i still can’t play

What was your in-game player name when you were banned?

Uhh i forgot, i changed my name like 2 times to talk with him but i forgot the exact name i had when i got banned

Which AoS server were you playing on when you got banned? Reminder: We can only help you with bans that took place on servers. tower of babel

Why were you banned? Lying severely decreases your chances of getting unbanned.

who banned me what this admin called “MoDer”

Well, the thing is that while i was playing i covered a ground tunnel and when i heard that there was someone digging there i said “a red niqqa trying to dig”
he inmediatly said to me “why do u say that, do u know what does that means?” i told him “do you think im a 2 year old” he said “yes” then i wanted to tell him something but he muted me and said “poor 2 year old guy”, i entered again the server but he muted me again, tried one more time using other client and name but when i entered he left and i said “trolled moder idiot” he joined again and said “very funny” and then he banned me.

what i try to say? well, there are millions of hackers, abusers, doxxers, grieffers and totally toxic people every day in the game (for example one motherfucker called Sosoman that did cross teamins to block our stairs to let the other team win, there were like 2 admins and no one did anything) and even people that say words even bad than what i said, then why, fkin’ why u had to choose some random guy that said 1 freaking word without even insulting the person? it was just a joke, i wanted to talk with him but he spitted his admin powers in my face and made fun of me.

please take this appeal and decide to unban me and talk a little with that guy “MoDeR”…

Yours truly: Cytrikkal (Zerko)

Why do you think you should be unbanned?

It was a joke and not an actual hate/toxic behaviour to whoever was digging

When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.


I don’t know what makes me laugh more, that you accused me to the staff as if they were my parents, or that you put yourself in the position of victim by saying what you said in the game,

Racism is not funny, and lying is not good, let’s start there,

“then i wanted to tell him something but he muted me”, that’s a lie, after I told you “yes”, you replied “[Demon$] Zerko: well I see that you’re the 2 year old here” (translated into Spanish), after that I said that your answer didn’t make sense , and you proceeded to write “[Demon$] Zerko: MA KA COO”, again wanting to circumvent our system for offensive words, after that you were muted, and as you rejoined the server wanting to evade my mute, you were banned,

The funniest thing here is that not only I have access to these chats, but also the entire staff, and the vast majority have already seen what a liar you are, the best thing you can do in this situation is to apologize, I hope you are intelligent and take the right decision,

Responding to your subsequent complaint, I will respond with the message of a good administrator,

“There are hundreds of places online where you can be an asshole, and out of all of them you chose some random dead game 50 people play”,

I have no problem unbanning you and letting you have fun, but it must be a healthy humor without offending others, I hope you understand, I await your response.

“MA KA COO” is one of the words i say often in the game, like Your Smell that always says things like “amen bruther”, i didnt realized i was basically saying “macaco” and i didnt know that word was part of the censored ones

I didnt was racist, i said it in a joke/troll way, i mean, i didnt say it in a way to insult whoever was digging,

Thats not a lie, i wanted to talk with you after you muted me two times (when i had other name) i told you “moder im going to tell you something” and you banned me, probably u banned me before i got to end telling that but the thing is that i actually wanted to talk with you, i didnt say it before all these happened, probably yes but i dont remember, i checked my other chat log and u didnt say “yes” so probably u thought it but didnt say it, it happens a lot of times

healthy humor, exactly what i did

i wanted to evade my mute to talk with you, not to be a “”“asshole”“”

Ill just let u “staff and moderation team” do whatever u want with me, i just want to be unbanned and play, that ban didnt even make sense
And like i said earlier, there are millions of toxic and bad people in this game but you decide to choose and ban me for just saying some shitty word, most admins in games do these things…

Please don’t want to continue lying, you know perfectly well when you try to write “macaco” in the chat the server will not allow it, that’s why you looked for a way to write it anyway, circumventing the system, you don’t have to be very intelligent to know this, Zerko, it’s a racist expression.

You yourself said that I told you “Yes”, right now you are contradicting yourself,

Please stop lying,
Quietly, if you had wanted to talk to me you would have used /admin, or you would have written to me through Discord, what you simply wanted was to try to join to avoid the mute and want to “angry” me, I ask you again, stop lying.

If you think racism is healthy humor, you are completely wrong.

No administrator or staff uses racist terms for fun, I don’t know where you got this or invented this, I just keep reading lie after lie,
The only thing you are doing right now is sinking into a hole for a ban that was simply in reality for “evasion”, I didn’t even ban you for being racist, because otherwise the ban would have increased its duration, but it was simply for 1 day.

Edit: Now for 3 days.


Hello, I will increase your ban to one week for evading again,

Using VPN just makes it worse,

Continue like this, and you will never set foot in aloha again, greetings!

U shouldve then gave me ur discord and talk there, do u have superpowers or something to know your whats your discord like that?

i just said normally “MA KA COO” it was a troll bad written expression but i forgot what i was referring to

You shouldve told me too it was for only one day

And, why, why? ive siad it million times, it was just a word and a didnt say it in a racist/insulting way. From when we passed to freely use the internet and freely play games, from when we passed to freely express everything without something being censored to everything be tagged as a insult, racist etc.

it makes no sense u bannned me for just saying “niqqa”
please unban me, i just freaking want to play and enjoy the game, u are being a bit asshole for not letting me enjoy the game by just saying some shit, unban me

Im evading because i just want to play, this in the only game my pc can barely run and u make me this

i used vpn because i just want to play, LET ME PLAY!

WHY? i just want to play! let me play, unban me

this is just unfair

It looks like you didn’t pay any attention to what I said, because now you’re just saying nonsense,

I don’t have to continue explaining, I already told you everything, you are not a little child, and I will not continue wasting my time.

Your evasion ban will end in 3 days, in the meantime do not join an aloha server again or ban will incrase,

Appeal Denied.