Not sure why banned

  1. Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your “ban” is not just a votekick?
    yes it’s been a few days/weeks now that I cannot join.

I play from 2 locations, One at home one at work its the work location that seems to be banned. I can play fine on your servers from Home.

  1. What is your in-game player name? Please include it in the subject of this topic as well.

  2. What server were you playing on when you got banned? Reminder: We can only help you with bans that took place on servers.
    not sure probably babel

  3. Why were you banned? Lying severely decreases your chances of getting unbanned. If your “little brother” got you banned, tell him to make an appeal, or accept responsibility on his behalf.

Not sure can you help me out here?

  1. Why should you be unbanned?
    Not sure why I was banned. I am a veteran player since 2010. The AoS servers are getting pretty empty these days and some Aloha servers stay busy, I would like to play them.

  2. When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.
    Again no idea when I was banned, at least a few weeks ago, probably more, I don’t play aloha often as the ping is quite high for me in UK.

sorry to be so vague but I play a lot so things get a little fuzzy along the way.


Hi, i’m the moderator who banned you, for no recoil/aimbot.
First thing I want to ask you, is why you waited almost a week to make the ban appeal?

Hi CapRex
Ah thanks, you remember the situation (I do not, I probably thought it was the usual VK I get). You will also hopefully remember the time too. Can you please get the game logs and check and you will see that you that you are mistaken in your reason.

Like I said in my first post I play a lot but rarely on Aloha servers as the ping is high. I get lots of players accusing me of hacking and was dealing with a child in the Minit forum and thought that this was possibly the reason I could not join Aloha. If you read the Minit forum you will see the admins checked the logs and actually ended up banning the accuser. I would be grateful if you take the time to check in this case too.


I have been playing since 2010.I mostly play in Shams Little Pony located in UK where I have a low ping and trusted status. Ask any admin in there they will verify that I get many, many false accusations Just as this one is.

If you know Herp Derp who is an admin somewhere, I am sure he will also vouch for me though I have not seen him for a while.


Yeah and after reading the whole post, it reveals that the accuser got banned for multi-screening to re-log and impersonate Enari so…I don’t see why you think it is relevant to this case.

So you will have read the bit where Aloha servers are mentioned by GreaseMonkey where he advises me to come and appeal here.

I had actually posted a PM to him saying that I could not get on to aloha servers either. This was me thinking that Minit had banned me and added me to a ban list that included Aloha. Hence totally relevant to the appeal delay CapRex is asking about.

I can post the PMs if you want but would rather not as GreaseMonkey might not want me to post his PMs in public.

I did and that’s about the only contextual relevance I could find. But I thought it was so glaringly obvious that I didn’t need to point it out, clearly I did.

Going back through it, those Aimbot alerts seem rather fishy and the fact your triggered them 3 times with half decent ping is worrying. I’m surprised they didn’t investigate further.

CapRex if you have evidence please post it so we can see it and settle this once and for all.

Okay so here’s the evidence that I took:

For some reason (i guess my fault) it stopped recording, so i don’t have more than this :confused:

Hmm …I thought it was me that had to spell it it to you, explaining where and why there was a delay in my application (apart from the fact that there could be a million reasons for a delay the relevance also had to be explained to you). Anyhow, I don’t want to get into a “he said, she said” situation. Lets move on from this point and I will not comment on it any more.

Minit are clearly happy with this and seem to think there is no thing ‘fishy’ going on. I have no experience with hacker detection so please feel free converse with them about this. I have nothing to hide.

I have no idea what that movie means. I think I remember it vaguely… It must have been at the start of a round where I ran up to the bridge and killed a lot of rushers whilst building cover for myself, that’s what I always do on that Babel map … quite well done if you ask me… no hacks used I can assure you.

Look, I just want to play AoS. If you want me to stay away from Aloha just say so… I am tired of having to explain myself anymore. I will respect any decision. There are a lot of aloha servers and I play from different locations so if you prefer me to stay out until you have made a decision then I will. I have used the same name WEE_GEE for my online game name since around 1997 so not playing on one more server is just another game with another loss of fun to me but I stay happy, I will just move on.



:o why don’t you use sights?

Mr. Gee, can I call you that? The video above is what our guards and moderators use to acquire a permanent ban on a suspected hacker.

To be honest Cap I’m not sold on this evidence. I can see why it was perma’d but I wouldn’t have put it through myself.

I do use a sight, the same when zoomed. My own custom sight. Watch the video and the gun drops and zooms in as normal. If having a custom sight is aimbotting/hacking in any unacceptable way please explain.

Can you be a little …no, actually please make that a LOT more explanative on exactly how you can see this see as me being a hacker. The video clearly shows that I am not and just playing like any normal player, be it rather well. You seem to be contradicting yourself? On one hand you say I am hacking, then you say I am not.
You say you would not have banned me, so why am I? There seems to be inconsistency in what some Aloha admin think is aimbotting.

Question I have already asked but not had answered. Do you want me to stay off all aloah servers from the locations I can play from until I actually get a decision? I keep telling you I will respect whatever you prefer. You have not said one way or the other. I can PM my home IP to one of you if you need it to add to the list.

Edit: Fixed incorrect quote.

I have never heard that we ban people because we dont like them.
This is wrong.
We offer many servers, so we invite people to play here. Why should we ban people because we dont like them? The aloha commuity tolerates even people who build “prevert things” or have stupid names. What we dont tolerate is hacking, griefing, spamming “bad words” or shit, ban evading and abusing of powers, like votekicks.
We thought that you were hacking- in the middle a very suspecios snap, at the beginning too (I let an other admin explain you what made us feel to ban you from this proof).
What I want to say- your thought that we ban people/you because we dont like them/you- bullshit (sorry for expression, but it was needed here).

Sorry that I said sth here, but I had to tell it to him.

Guy please re-read what I said. I feel it’s pretty obvious what I wrote. Especially focus on the “I’m not sold on this evidence”. Focus on the word not there dude. As in - after seeing the evidence I believe you should be unbanned as I feel that video alone wouldn’t be sufficiently solid evidence in my eyes to permaban you.

I am only trying to get this case done and dusted. CapRex you need to make a choice here since this is your perma request.

The evidence isnt that good, but on the second map it clearly shows that you havent recoil… please be honest wee_gee. THX

Well If you think I have no recoil then you obviously don’t play much… I won’t try to waste my time showing you how good some players can be. The frame rate and picture size is not that great anyway.
And to imply I am lieing and being dishonest in this forum is pretty low.
Are you a decision making admin?

I am a little confused about this comment. Did someone say Aloha do not like me and that is why I am banned?

If that I am using hacks is your conclusion then your detection is flawed. All I can do is continue to insist on my innocence and hope that you can improve your methods. You are all clearly of differing opinions anyway which shows the inconsistency and flaws in your detection methods.

I do understand there is a difficult and fine line between banning lame hackers and banning good players so if I become one of the innocent victims of this then so be it, I have said all along I will respect any decision be it correct or not.

I never said there said you were hacking wtf relax, I just don’t know why you don’t zoom in, seems harder to play without zooming in, but still, im no pro. The program used in the video should zoom when you zoom btw.

Thanks you for your confidence in my honest playing. The video does not show me zooming in but I can assure you when playing it was. A flaw in the recording process perhaps. I did explain that you need to watch the gun … when it is in view that is not zoomed when the gun drops it is zoomed/aiming… The video stays at the same zoom factor all the time.
If you say the video should zoom too then this is something that someone else would need to explain.

btw, I very rarely shoot to get a kill without aiming/zooming.

Sorry for the intrusion but you can toggle zoom on the ‘program’ using c, also if the sight is a single pixel or something the crosshair will block it

Erm, if he was using a custom sight, you wouldn’t see it. You’d only see caprex’s mods.

Didn’t know about ‘c’, good to know.

Okay, sorry for make you waiting, the decision has been taken.
You are unbanned, I sorry for the inconvenience, just remember, we will keep an eye on this, even if you were not hacking.

Have a nice day

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