North Korea!

I’m assuming everyone has seen that North Korea has recently pledged to preemptively attack the U.S. with nuclear weapons.

If not just watch your news.

They must have huge balls, no nuclear weapon will reach us, but war surely can, what are your thoughts on this?

Let’s just hope they don’t have ESP.

Or aimbots :confused:

Being a South Korean, I am pretty upset about this issue. They always have been threatening about going to war with South Korea, US, and its allies. North Korea has sunk a South Korean war ship few years ago, killing 46 sailors. North Korea has also bombed South Korea’s Yeongpyeong Island not long ago, killing soldiers and injuring civilians. I am still unsure about this being an empty threat or not. Even though they might not have the missile capabilities, but they still have nuclear weapons. Our new South Korean president, Park Geun-Hye has said that she will be harsher with North Korean policies, so assuming that she will live up to her words, the South Korean-American forces should prioritize on disarming the North Korea of its nuclear weapons.

I agree wholeheartedly, the UN should do something quickly before this escalates into something more. I personally believe the past few wars (examples WW1 and WW2) were the results of economic crises and bad relations between the world powers. There’s something coming soon, history will repeat itself, economy is already in a slump now we just need a spark.

And if they have esp and aimbot well the we just gotta hit that old BAN HAMMER to be rid of them. ;D

I just hope if they do start a war(I’M HOPING NOT), i hope that other countries won’t get in the way, and won’t join the war either.

This will mostly likely to escalate from the things I have seen in the past, and it will mostly likely involve China IF it comes to war. I doubt that North Korea is going to win the war, however, even if they start the attack preemptively. This might be the 2nd Korean War and the same exact things might happen: North Korea invading South, South and US pushing back, and China will mostly likely get involved. Unless UN does something such as sending UN Peacekeepers down to the peninsula, the history will repeat itself.

This all just looks a if it will lead to another world war.

Let’s hope some good negotiations before world war V happens

Even if they DID go to war, they would be beaten easily. They have technology from the past few decades and the South Koreans and Americans have state-of-the-art tech. Sure they have a rather
large army but SK and US have actually working nukes, far more effective than NK’s. China is even mad at them now, which means they are probably decreasing aid to NK.

And the terrorist that America is fighting now has older weaponry than the North Koreans, and yet we’re still there. Still fighting them, and American troops are still dying. State-of-the-art technology doesn’t mean anything if you’re unable to properly attack the correct individuals. Not to mention that America doesn’t count civilian deaths on the deathtoll. That means all the private contractors, students, news reporters, tourists, etc that die there aren’t counted.

China could do anything they want right now, and America wouldn’t be able to stop it. They’re the ones keeping our economy afloat right now.

Then again, if you were a pimp, you wouldn’t kill your highest paying ho.

Nicely said…

Comparing a war with North Korea to a war with terrorist organizations like the Taliban is Ludacris.

A war with a unified nation is what our military is trained for, unlike when we entered the middle-east where the terrorists dress exactly the same as an innocent citizen. In a war vs. NK we would have the upper hand instantly, but that doesn’t mean that we will win fast or without heavy losses.

What will matter the most is who else gets involved.

These are my thoughts: Kim Jong Un (The North Korean dictator) says things, and never does them. I wouldn’t worry about it. They don’t have a rocket powerful enough to carry it across the Pacific to the US. Iran does, and I heard they are thinking about giving a nuke to Iran if Iran gives them a powerful enough rocket. The thing is, even if they get one, the bomb will not make it to the US. We (The US) have very high tech nuclear defense systems and we will send one out if they even try. Ours will blow up theirs, possibly killing an unlucky seagull flying by. And we have a policy that if someone ever even tries to nuke us, we will blow up their whole country. This is why it will never happen.

Problem with that is that you don’t need an ICBM to send a nuke here to America. You can build one at your own house if you utilize the correct supplies. They could also ship it inside a private owned yacht under a Korean business name. You wouldn’t even know. Just like people who smuggle small arms out, and into the country.

There is tons of possibilities and people only think of rockets.

Also, the world has a tactic from people launching nukes in wars.

Mutual Assured Destruction.

If Kim Jeong Eun makes a threat, you cannot just automatically discard them as empty threats. Yes, he and his father never actually sent his country to war, but his father (Deceased) has sent an attack to South Korean warship and even bombed a South Korean island. Who the fuck knows what will happen next time? This might just be an another empty threat, being South Korean and American technologies being greatly superior, but the country is highly unstable. The famine every year threatens their everyday lives. The country is in the process of deterioration. With those kinds of situations, it is highly unpredictable what it will do EVEN IF that they will lose if they go to war with South Korean-American forces.

I’ve a feeling that if they were to go to war they would end up like Russia in WW1, their country stage a rebellion while the troops are away, or maybe even have the troops help them, who knows?

Who the hell knows? The second Bolshevik Revolution might happen

Whatever you do, if a large scale conflict between the ROK and United States, and the DPRK eventuates, avoid the thought that this will be just another Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan. The DPRK (That’s North Korea) has a standing army of 1.2 million men just waiting at the DMZ for the order to invade South Korea.

Furthermore, the entire North Korean military has nigh on 10 million personnel, including reserves. Even if they don’t have nuclear weapons or the correct delivery systems (and if they do, I’d be getting the fuck out of Seoul right about now) they’re certainly able to wage a lengthy, costly and bloody war against the United States, South Korea and perhaps Japan and China.

In Vietnam the United States was up against an insurgent miltary organisation and political faction called Viet Cong. The failings of the United States was outlined by it’s inability, or at least difficulty of countering guerilla warfare.

In Afghanistan and Iraq the prime targets were terrorist cells and “undesirables” such as Saddam Hussein. The problem was that the United States had difficulty actually finding their targets.

North Korea does not hide the fact that it has a rather huge army and, if it were to invade, would use it’s considerable forces to full effect, even assuming it doesn’t use nuclear or biological warfare.

While the United States may find it easier to fight a standing and easily recognisable force, they and especially the South Koreans may be overwhelmed by the sheer size of the North Korean military.

I still think that should a conflict arise (and I hope it doesn’t) North Korea would be completely obliterated, if not instantly.

All I’m saying is that don’t expect this one to be cakewalk.