NO tolerance for INtolerance

The rule is that anything you say in chat besides spamming is okay. I don’t have a problem with swearing and cursing, like “fuck,” “shit,” “damn,” etc. However I think that should admins should kick, tempban, or at least mute players on AoS who repeatedly make racist comments, use racial slurs, or employ other forms of discrimination.

AoS is a great game, and has a bunch of great servers. People who play on these servers to have fun should not be subjected to this. I think racism should be banned on aloha servers to make a better environment for all aloha players. Vote in the poll to ask change the rule!

IGN: LShax
No tolerance for intolerance!

Actually, most of the staff mute people at the very least for things such as racism, sexism, etc.

I want to know. Its its okay to Say “Nigga”. i don’t say it to people as it were a offensive comment.

BTW I don’t like this. People will cuss, and this is the internet. Also I believe bad words are just words. That can’t be offensive. Its only offensive if you want it to be.

“Nigga” is offensive if people are offended by it… that’s the way I see it, if no one on the server minds I guess it’s not offensive.

Also I specifically said I don’t have a problem with cussing, only when it’s racist or includes racial slurs (go back and read my post more carefully), and most of the time when people say those things in the chat they DO want it to be offensive.

Okay, I have not seen this or heard of it, but I am glad to hear it now. Hopefully this poll will reinforce those actions.

Yeah I’ve gotten my fair share of being cussed at. I just take it as a joke, even though I know they are trying to be mean. I say things like “Okay, Thx!” “nty” “k” “Thanks” “Right back at you buddy :)”

Getting offended over the internet is stupid, specially if the offender doesnt know anyone, its just trolling.
Just ignore it or laugh at it.
Also, welcome to the internet.

Really you (or anyone really) should try to ignore the rude players.