No reason to be Banned

I was playing Ace Of Spades Aloha.Pk server for 2 hours and i get BANNED from the server because my frag was too high comparing with the other players
234 Frags - 51 deaths
And i was Kicked from the server without any excuses and votes , 1 hour after i was trying to enter in the server and a Report : BANNED
So , the people are calling me of cheater , and i’m not the cheater , the server was full of other cheaters ( usually little kids with 8 years old , calling votes to ban me because i gave much Headshots and much Frags )

I wanna know y i was banned without any proofs , while really aimbotters are " killing the game "

My name is : [ECU] Petrus ( i know , dead clan )
And my account was banned too

Please read this: first, and next time (if there is one) you should make your appeal under the “ban appeals” section. I’m sure an admin will come along shortly and move it. Anyway, you were permabanned for aimbotting on aloha ClassicGen. Also, admitting to hacking instead of denying it gets you further and gets you a higher chance of getting unbanned.

Yes, you were aimbotting. Clearly snapping at players, even dug up a player that was hidden. The server wasn’t full of cheaters, Im pretty sure there was one other cheater and he also got banned. I did not ban you because you had too many frag kills. Also the guy you dug up, he was just underground than your gun just snapped to him and you, took out your spade, killed him with it.

I’m moving this to the appropriate section, then locking it.

Follow instructions. honestly.