New Year Protocol 9: UNIVERSE BEYOND + The Countdown: CLIMAX by modus

"What was once a strategic battle had now turned into an all-out, merciless assault.
Graced and guided by the forces of all realms, and with the help of The Gatekeeper, The Humans were quick to find The Protocol’s last hiding place. Other universes.
The battle had now spread beyond their own.
As both sides traded blows, jumping between parallel worlds like lightning strikes in an aching reality, The Creator watched on.
Every facet of existence saw its balance broken; its life force, exhausted. Yet, in the face of all adversity, they fought on.

Their worth had been proven.
And thus, the ever-neutral Creator took a side.

Humans, Gatekeeper, and Creator.
The Great Alliance was born.
And with it, the power to commit to one final act.
The greatest procedure of them all.

They took the war to the one place where war cannot be.

And so, in the eternal night of reckoning, with the force of a billion suns, the three entities opened fire.
And The Protocol trembled.

There was nowhere else to go."

Truly an experience on its own, I was fortunate enough to be in the premiere and help solving the last ARG of the series.