New Stuff! Choices!

Vote well!

I don’t think they can change 0.75.

Anti cheats,
To stop people like you.

I doubt anything will ever be added to this version tho. Rip

People like…HEY!

I think it would be better to leave 0.75 as it is.

If someone has the source code, they might be able to make a different version of AoS.

They did.

i would love to have an second gun…
like a magnum or glock or desert eagle…

If the community ever moves on from .75 it will probably be to Iceball. I imagine it will be quite a while until then though.

if they were going to change it i think a machine gun would be nice… like a mounted one that you could place, and maybe mortars that you could fire very slowly and inaccurately at one sector of the map, and maybe some placeable explosives that could not be thrown but only set, but would destroy a huge area
but no rocket launchers… no rocket launchers
smoke grenades might be cool too