New Mode Idea

I have been watching some YouTube videos and came across a game called “Heroes and Generals” or something like that. I have been thinking after watching that video. Can we have a server that determines the next map by the current battle’s outcome? Kind of like real world where one battle happens, the winner’s side pushes on to the loser’s side’s territory and start an another battle there. It would be great if there’s like a map that shows where the each battles are happening, etc. (e.g. Battle at Desert, then either next map will be Forest or Snow depending on the Desert battle’s outcome)

I honestly don’t expect much through this suggestion since no one actually plays new modes and these ideas rarely get picked up by programmers.

Lone_Wolf, I think I know what you mean.
But your idea with fighting all over the World sounds like global war…
Have you ever played this mode? My First thought as I read your idea was that we have globlal war.
Your suggestion sounds like a big version of ToW all over the world. I think this is kinda global war…

The thing about that server in my opinion, isn’t very good.

  1. You spawn all over the world clusterfucked with people raping you with their spawn-protection.
  2. It isn’t very great since there’s no teamwork and fights usually happen in one area.

I am suggesting a whole map in one location, then the next map in a brand new location.

First: There will never be teamwork. Most players play how they want. You cant expect teamwork.
Second: I like this idea with the different areas. But I dont know a game mode that can be played, maybe ToW, but thats all imo.

TDM, CTF, ToW, I don’t think it really would matter. Let’s leave that up to the programmers.

Do you think about changing the battle area during the game or when the game is finished?
I mean when should the Battlearea should change in your opinion?

I think after a round is over.

I don’t know if any of you have played Halo 3 multiplayer. But I’ve always wanted to see infection have a server on here.

Just saying maybe if we get a new game mode that many people can relate to they may be more willing to play it.

Arena for one, is extremely similar to Call of Duty’s Search and Destroy gamemode, except the objective is to kill the other team not destroy a target.

If you want something like infection, just read this thread.

I ssupport this

Halo Reach Infection was godly, it would be extremely fun in Ace of Spades.

Off topic, but I would like a some kind of Juggernaut and Defusal.
Infection seems fun and Heroes and Generals mode would be great.

We had an infection game mode I think, in a single FSOM.

You did? I need to research that.