New map: poketower (1.0)

Hi, I've been working on this map. It's still in early dev stages, and will have lots of more stuff in the end, but it's good enough for now. Enter: poketower1.0, a fortified tower surrounded by hilly terrain and a mucky lake-cave. Please use this, anyone (best on Territorial control, or maybe zombies if anyone ever plays that anymore.) Also, in the event you don't want this or other good-but-not-passing-the-bar maps, I think you should make a server that always plays said maps, maybe even switching gamemodes to best suit the maps :).

poketower1.0.vxl (2.04 MB)

I’ve made poketower 1.1, but the changes are so nominal I’ll skip it and put it up when 1.2 comes out.

1.2 will come out with mountainside labs. After that, I’ll work on the trenches ;D

Trench warfare is always fun :slight_smile:

I have no idea of what trenches are but i still voted for them .-.

Isn’t the quote supposed to be: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ?

Nope :l
Thought that one sounds better…

No, it’s a spoof of “A single journey step,take can over you a miles thousand.” It was lost in translation.