Name a clan you were in on another online game

Mine is SAMP
Vigilance Committee[VC]

I was the leader of a massively successful Plazma Burst 2 clan over 5 years ago named the 87th Airborne. Aside from that I lead GIGN and that was about it. I had invites to AK, TSB and Sirs at one point.


now the question is that a clan or are you just really laughing

CCCP in fragoria, known as “Nicolas14”

He’s laughing because he ran the Sirs. Stark invited me to TSB during a match of DigDug AoS, JDrew wanted me in AK for god knows what reason.

Well, if we count any game and not just shooters, I used to be in a Brawlhalla clan called “ShadowPriest”. It was mostly to rank up, so it didn’t live long, and only had 5 members (maybe 6, but he was invited before it shutted down).
And also, I think I used to be in a CoD clan at one point. Forgot its name, but it lived for around 3 months.

If we take violent games in account. Few years ago I played GTA San Andreas online (SAMP) and played that with couple of friends, we did some “illegal” stuff there such as robbing the local fast food, fighting against cops when being dressed as cops… and other stuff…
Later i met a guy called [Army]Kaval and he invited me in his one man clan(or were there more people in the team?) And he wasnt that friendly to me before i joined him. (First that guy was killing me a lot of times - then i avenged my death and he invited me …) Thats how i joined [Army] clan in GTA SAMP.

PS. Didnt notice that someone already mentioned SAMP.