Nade poll

Because Izzy said that we could rework damage.

One question, nade damage is often very random and I sometimes even had situations where a grenade was under me but it didn’t cause any damage. So what is the actual nade damage?I want to vote for 35 because I think it’s the perfect one Nade damage * 0.35

I remember seeing on a wiki that max nade damage is 300 or 200 if it explodes right inside an enemy. However, in humans vs zombies, a “direct hit” is an instakill for a zombie and zombies are supposed to have 1000hp.(Damage values are different from regular ace of spades, and grenade damage there may be scaled up.)

IMO the nade damage shouldn’t be that powerfull in arena.

I feel a nade damage in the range of 25-35% is ideal.

25% seems a little too weak. I think between 35 and 50 would be good. Around 40 45. The current damage on arena servers is 25%.

Why is there no “keep it how it is” option? :l

That’s 25%

Torch isn’t a fan of nades xD

Will the grenade damage be standardized on all servers, not just the arenas? That would make grenades a lot less confusing to be honest.

Also, what are the percentages based on? Like would it be 50% of normal grenade damage?

Probably arena only since the discussion is about arena grenades only, but changing to 50% on babel would be good imo, people are on the platform and nade-spam the spawn which is a bit disadvantagious tbh

Here’s a render thing of nade damage (100/50/25) by distance (damage is measured nade to head):
Normal nade
0.25 damage nade

I’m partial to 0.3, if it land in between two players 1.5 blocks away, it’ll kill both while still having a pretty small range.

We should lower bullet damage too because it’s disadvantageous to the other team. Actually why don’t we lower all grenade and bullet damage to 1% so everyone has a more enjoyable playing experience and everything is fair.




One of the reasons people play this game over one of the flashier new shooters like TF2 is because this game has more realism. The other reason is because they can play it on a grandmother’s rig. In this game, bullets actually are bullets and grenades actually are grenades. You get rewarded for being good and for lots of practice. I don’t know why anyone is whining just because someone is better with a grenade than you.

THIS is what we have now.

This is disappointing. Why even add grenades to arena at all? Even upping the strength to 50% would still be sad and pointless. If you don’t like grenades then don’t be noob enough to walk in to a wall of them. Use walls as cover. You cannot tell me that grenades on arena were always this this weak because they were not. We may as well change our grenade skins to nerf footballs if this is what we have to play with.




there is no way nades were always this underpowered considering everything that happened on avsides

maybe intend just 1 grenade(if that’s possible) that does OK damage
this would change the entire arena gameplay since there won’t be nade spam across the maps at the beginning of the rounds, but you could try it out for a few days or so to see how it works.

I think that the nade damage on arena right now is definitely not 25%, assuming that former nade damage was properly adjusted. There must have been some sort of glitch on a script that caused this.

Nade spam is fun just like smgs. >:

i said they should reduce it to 1 nade because i play cs all day, and there you are only able to purchase 1 HE grenade

Not really possible without making the other two grenades ‘dud’ grenades, which will just confuse players.