My Experience at the Century 16

To get the big question out of the way, I’m doing fine. Like I said in the IRC, a little shaken up, but not traumatized or physically hurt. Luckily I went and bought the tickets in advance so I was placed in Theatre 8, adjacent to Theatre 9. This is where things get kinda strange. When I plan movie nights like that, I usually like to get there early to get decent seats, but this time. I wasn’t in a rush to get there, and me and my cousin stopped off for some Phở before we sat through a nearly 3 hour movie. So, when we got there, there wasn’t much in lieu of good seating, but we did see a spot near the center that woulda been fine, but, feeling lazy and not wanting to cut across people we chose to go up front. Fast forward 15 minutes, and there’s a gun fight in the movie. Now, at the time it happened, it seemed like it was just some wiseguy setting off small fireworks. When I looked over my shoulder all I saw were two small blooms of white sparks. So, that image paired with a popping sound, only made me a little pissed that someone would be so inconsiderate. While I’m no weapons specialist, I have fired some rifles with some friends of my brother, and these sparking things didn’t have that distinct “gun” sound to it. They popped just like firecrackers. Anyway, a loom of confusion descends upon the crowd and no one is sure of what to do, me included. Within seconds of the pops ending, people are beginning to file out of the place slowly, but still not sure of what just happened. I stayed in my seat since I figure its gonna take a while for everyone to get in a line and get out. So, after what seemed like a decent amount of time, some guy who I think might of been the manager comes in while talking on a phone. I over hear something about shots in the building, and me who was there for what seemed like a prank with firecrackers, sat there thinking it was just the management overreacting. Knowing I’m not going to get to finish the movie anyway, I get up and start to make way for the queue. As soon as I saw SWAT holding machine guns and swarming the place, I knew it was something more. We get filed into the parking lot, get divided by who was in which theatre and offer a statement. I stayed for a while after we were giving a clear to go home, but after an adrenaline filled night, we walked back to my cousins place who doesn’t live far from the Century. Now, there is much that will stay with me from that night, but one thing keeps replaying in my head; Those white flashes from the supposed firecrackers. Reports say that some rounds made it through the wall and in to the room I was in. But, to cause such bright flashes after going through some drywall and then striking the ground? Like I said I’m no expert, but that part isn’t sitting well with me. Anyway, my thoughts and prayers go out to to every victim and their families. Not just those with physical wounds either, but to all who had to bear witness to such an atrocity. /endbuzzkillstory

Thanks for the story. I’ve linked it to a few friends of mine, as a sort of “I know someone who was there,” type deal.

Anyways, so much…Words don’t describe, at just how horrible the event was. I’m so sorry you were there, I’m sorry to all those who were affected. I’m sorry to those who lost their lives.

I simply cannot believe it, still.

really scary stuff. i’m just glad you’re ok Satou. i feel so bad for the victims and everyone who was involved.

did you hear the popping before and after you saw the sparks? did the sound come from the room you were in or did it come from the room next to you?

The popping and the sparks happened at the same time. They were more to my right, which is the direction that the shots came from. They were very akin to firecrackers in size, shape, and color, since it was pure white. Since it was dark, it was hard to tell where exactly they were. From my vantage on the bottom most level, they were at about standing height, so it could have been on one of the stadiums lower floors. Like I keep saying to my family, its not just the heinous act that doesn’t sit right with me, it was those sparks that feel very out of place.

It’s all unreal, I’m happy you and your cousin’s okay.

He could have had some explosive rounds mixed into his magazines,
I’m very glad you and your cousin are alright.

You just have to wonder, WHAT IDIOT SOLD THE GUY TEAR GAS?

Stole it from a Military or Police Ammo Depot?
Then again you can buy it on Ebay… 5:35-5:45 time frame

i thought maybe this guy was in the same room as you:

but you said you heard/saw it from your right side, it looks like he got hit from his left side… i guess bullets went through the wall of the other adjacent room too.

Posted this: in the IRC before my internet crapped it pants. I didn’t consider explosive rounds as a possibility, but these look very close to what I saw. Hat tip to Big Jimmy for offering his insight. The only thing left that is weird to me is the sound. However, with the movie being loud, and the sound of the rounds striking the ground, that could lead to a different sound to the source of the shot.

My only solution from watching multiple military videos and talking with military personnel, would be the noise of the actual explosive round exploding, and or going through a wall. But thats just a guess, not a fact.

Damn heavy stuff. I’m glad you’re okay Satou.