My account wont login on Aloha Servers

Hi Guys, This is me again BOYuXRAY…
my account is not worknig on servers… but when i`m loggin in on forums… it works…

help me pls.

Have you tried /login BOYuRAY password
? (Replace password with either the aos password if you have it set up or your fourm account password.
Make sure your in an also server when you do it. After logining in it will should you a name logged in as builder.

* -$-Bux logged in as builder (Bux_Xray)
it seems problem has been solved

Mabey you need these "

Why are you reviving posts from 4 months ago? And as SnIpEr said, it was solved.

Ace the King this is why people have issues with you.