Most immature White House Petition?

I was reading through the White House Petitions the other day, and came across this one

For those of you who aren’t from the USA, a White House Petition is basically a Petition that the people put together and try and gather online signatures for it. If said petition gets over 100,000 signatures, our President has to read it and respond publicly. You’ll notice that this one got over 266,000 signatures. I am not sure if, or how, he has responded. But I do know that he has to respond.

When I saw it, I thought it was really immature. What do you guys think about it? Should we be bugging President Obama with crap(for lack of a better word) like this?


Retarded petitions like this waste time that could be spent handling important ones. But the whole site is a joke regardless so nvm.
I found another one once regarding “building a death star” which got hundreds of thousands of signatures. This was their reply

Imo, presidictator obama shouldn’t even be in power. Every leader there has been has always had either to much or two little. Stupid crap like this doesn’t help, and the U.S giving money to the poor is good, but people who don’t need it are using the money and its the people who won’t take responsibility for the debt our “leaders” rank up with their private jets and vacations off our backs. Personally the recent pollicies everyone is complaining about is getting old “were going to be commies ettc”. This is to all Americans, take a page out of the Rule book on countires and find out what systems are working perfectly fine in the world and adopt them.

Fun science if the death star was real.


well getting rid of JB would be a plus

AMERICA. Why would I sign your childish bs.

Translation from Ukrainian to english chars
Or in simple terms We’re Ultranationalistic. The one thing I like to brag about us is, we’ve served the tartars, mongols, ottoman empire, turks, etc up on a silver platter when they attacked, and to boot We’re the real Cossacks (they were ukrainian and had a hell of a good democratic military goverment)

It would only costs trillions of dollars and many times the amount of steel the entire earth has, but worth it.

This thing is very possible. Hell how many zeros does a trillion have huh?? Like 5 or something. Quick empty your pockets!