More Severe Punishments/Bans

IGN: LShax
I am writing this comment because of aimbotters and griefers I see all the time on aloha servers. The problem is that there are so many of them, and there are not enough admins to kick/ban them, but I realized recently that I have been seeing the same names over and over griefing, teamkilling, blocking people up, etc. While admins are on, I often see disables and kicks, but the people wait until the admins leave and then come back on to get rid of their disable, even the people that are banned come back pretty soon. I think that votekicks should ban for longer periods of time (although I’m not sure if aloha has control over that) and that admins should be significantly less lenient in their punishments. I think it should work like this: one infringement = a warning from an admin, a second one after that which is clearly disregarding the admin’s warning should result in a permaban from that server. I don’t think this is too severe, because they are given a warning and they are banned only from one server. If they really are sorry and want to play again on that server, they can appeal on aloha to have the ban lifted.
I think that this method of dealing with griefers/teamkillers would be much more effective and would cut down on the number of griefers people have to deal with on aloha. I would also certainly be willing to put up with a couple of accidental/unfair permabans if that’s what it would take because I don’t think that appealing on aloha is a big deal, and this method should only ban people who repeatedly break the rules anyways.
I would like to hear people’s responses and thoughts:

LShax, thank you for suggestion. However, bans sync to all servers, so if you are banned on one, you are banned on all. I do agree with you, though. Unfortunately, a large portion of our staff is inactive right now sure to end of year exams. Hopefully going forward this becomes less of a problem. Again, thanks for the feedback.

Okay… I did not know that bans were for all servers lol… and I can understand that a lot of admins would be off right now…
Thanks for the response Spring! :smiley: