More Players to Report

IGN: LShax
I am posting this in the hopes that it will help reduce the number of cheaters, aimbotters, griefers, etc that I have to deal with every time I play aloha.
Roy Greenhilt teamkilling
PawelPL using aimbot
xXReconWaffleXx griefing
FrancoChiostri using aimbot
All of these players were asked to stop and unsuccessfully votekicked at least once before I recorded their usernames.
All of these players were doing these things on “ infiltration”

Well, it would be handy to record them in game, instead of recording their names, then we would have evidence that they did it. If you don’t know what to record with, try bandicam, fraps, or hypercam (preferably bandicam).

Oh and yes, it should go under abuse reports :stuck_out_tongue:

Likewise, thank you for reporting these players, we will keep our eyes open for them.

Next time you encounter people like these, try to contact an admin using the /admin commando and example, while in-game type:

/admin then your message.

An admin should respond by joining and dealing with the situation.

Good Day Sir/Madam - TwIsTeDBuLL3T

IGN: LShax
Wow… thank you all for your input and advice, I learned a lot from your replies and I will use them in the future.
Thanks! :slight_smile: