Monsta the Moderator
Yeah, the site I help moderate is BACK! Now I can kill all of them spam botz again!

Gratz :3

I used to be a moderator of a certain community for about 1 year until I resigned (was a member for two years). I quit, came back and noticed some activity, but unfortunately, the community is dying. That’s the main reason I moved to (that forum now has a AoS thread with 100 posts, so AoS was extremely popular on it - got me into this game). Sadly, isn’t as big and as old as that community (hell, not even AoS is), but is still a great place. The staff is probably the friendliest I’ve ever seen, actually.

Congrats on getting back to moderating the community, man. :smiley:

I got a promotion! Now I CAN BAN THE BOTS! Lol.

Just a day at work…

Just like AoS…except the enemy cant run away >:)

Wow :o
Nicely done in their policy if you spam they get to take your IP and post it for everyone to do what ever they want with it. lol
Thats why I love teksyndicate :D. Plus I love tech stuff.

Your forum needs anti-adbot protection. Try suggesting the admins to include a code at the top of the forum which a user needs to enter when registering. Adbots are dumb and they can’t copy-paste text. The forum that I used to moderate has that function and we pretty much exterminated the adbots. We’d get like, 1-2 adbots a month instead of the usual 10-15 adbots per week.