ModLoader Help please!

This ‘chat’ shall explain it mostly.

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[16:42] <Acetheking_> Anyone know how to use Modloader with winrar?
[16:42] with winrar?
[16:42] wat
[16:42] <Acetheking_> I know Dank_e taught me how, but I was on another pc that time
[16:42] <Acetheking_> Dank_e yes Dank_e (I don’t want to beep him)
[16:42] <Acetheking_> winrar, yes.

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[16:43] <Acetheking_> Any ideas?
[16:43] <Acetheking_> No… Yes?
[16:43] dont understand what you’re trying to say…
[16:44] <Acetheking_> I use winrar
[16:44] <Acetheking_> is what i am saying
[16:44] Okay?
Help please.

I’ll be able to help more when I get back home but for know iirc this should be the basic install of modloader

In AoS folder

All moodloader files in root (ie aos/)

Mods should be like this:
/moodloader/modname/mod files

You make a directory for the mod and extract the files from the zip into that folder

Just transfer it out of winRAR.

If you need any more help with modloader there’s and

Thanks for helping! It happened the BR and I went on Skype and he told me how to while I shared screen. I appreciate you all for helping me! ^^