how do i become a moderator for aloha servers on ace of spades. im a big fan and i want to help out

Thats real funny you ask considering you were in aloha last man standing today and told everyone you were a “modereater” <— thats how you spelt it even. apparently you have the job.

… therre are like 5 topics about this. look for yourself


Im a nice guy.
Here is the thread on how to apply bud:

Also don’t say you are a moderator as thats not cool to plain lie.

That was a long time ago.

Oh well maybe they will see this thread a remember

Well I do think we need a few more moderators.
There’s a few servers that is unemplied with moderators/admins.

God I hate these types of threads where they put it in the wrong place… facepalm

nice signature seal.