Minecraft Server?

I can see that you run a Minecraft serve but what is the IP?

It’s whitelisted. There will be a public one eventually. :slight_smile:

And how can i apply for a whitelist?

If an admin deems you worthy of it. So ask Froe, izzy or PXYC.

Ok! i will do that, Also it would be great so that i can record my Minecraft Multiplayer LP there like Mindcrack and maybe if Izzy lets me 1 of my friends for my Youtube channel.

The server right now is basically for:

  1. Aloha admins/mods/guards
  2. One friend per aloha admin/mod/guard
  3. Honorary members of aloha.pk community

A public, PvP based server is in the works, but we’re working out the kinks of plug-ins and practicality of things, as of this writing.

This. As for the PvP server, feel free to post a suggestion of a kind of game-play you would want.

So far what I have been thinking is to have a few protected area’s, like a city and stuff, followed by maybe 2 factions. Each faction is obviously fighting each other, and you are to help your faction “win.” Winning meaning control more land, have better stuff, maybe take over a city, who knows lol. What I want is the players to have a LOT of the control over how the game goes, one day can be different from the other.

I know a lot about Bukkit and Plugins. I use to devlop plugins for Bukkit but stopped since it was to time consuming. Maybe i can help. Would you like help with Permissions?

I believe our team of sysadmins are capable of configuring permissions. Thanks for the offer though.