might i ask

i was playing a match earlier and mid way threw it said i was kicked and banned … what the heck did i do???

i don’t know, you should mention what server it was so i can check

Why i was banned from the Aloha.pk last man standing server mid game?
i wasnt doing anything wrong that i know of -_-

Unfortunatly, you were cliffy. please refrain from using aimbot. You are pretty good at covering it up, not using it all the time but ive benn following you for a few days now. Amazing how you know where the other team is and shooting at them from a distance with smg with headshots- and only using 3 bullets to do so. Its only a Temporary Ban of 12 hrs. See you in awhile.

O.o i use no aimbot -_- i sound whore … footsteps are loud and if theres no teamate around i know its an enemy

Izzy will have to look into the logs to see why. You maybe left during a votekick, after all, many people start a lot of phony votekicks.

Well then I have to agree with mojo, since he’s always there. Mojo, how come you didn’t talk to me when I was talking to you today.

Sorry AEM, i was busy QQn at an issue with india arena. I honestly didnt notice you talking to me :frowning:

No, it was in the facingworlds and planeassult. I even pm’ed you and you kept fighting. I thought you were a bot and almost lost all respect for you. :-\

Mojo … i can hear the footsteps -- and i have a scope on my smg --

OHHH yes AEM true true i was in stalker mode …trollin a haxor! my bad

  1. Footsteps drops off with distance. If MoJo saw you sniping with the SMG, CHANCES ARE you couldn’t have heard them.
  2. How does a scope explain anything? It’s not like a scope fixes the recoil.

It’s ok, you were just doing your job. ::slight_smile:

MoJo, I wouldn’t be too quick to trust your judgment…
After all, that incident at LTS :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t you just go check the logs?

Even more evidence.