Merry Christmas to All! CHRISTMAS PARTYYY HERE!

ALSO MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! It’s that time of year again!






Im not really excited about this xmas for some reason .w.

Well, Cheeeer up!
It’s a PARTY

same, i basically opened my big gift, it was a samsung galaxy note or tab 3.

We’ve had a lots of people in house, kinda family party it was and overall it was nice event.
I didn’t get a notable present - well, some style clothes I’ve recieved…

Well, I already got my present some days ago, which was this awesome computer :smiley:
My mom and sis are making apple pies for tomorrow, but Im still not exited :I

Neither me …
I wasn’t that excited, still… It turned out to be nice Christmas party. I would repeat it again sometime. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard that people with new computers play everything on it but aos…
Do you play aos dosss?

I got some clothes, beats, and a new phone. (S4). 0-0 Same ol’ stuff but still had fun!

I got $225

get kik on your phone

wut? 0-0 I kik. But why?