Marsaille Ban Appeal

  1. I wasnt vote kicked, i was correctly banned for my aimbotting on my former account.

  2. My new Player name is Marsaille but it used to be a mix of Bush Did It and Doot Doot

  3. I was aimbotting on the tower of babel, top cs maps, and hallway servers around 2 or 3 months ago.

  4. I was aimbotting and being a general asshole on the tower of babel, top counterstrike maps, and hallway servers

  5. I have stopped being a petulant asshole and stopped aimbotting since then, and if you catch me aimbotting again i am okay with a lifetime ban.

  6. I was banned around 2 or 3 months ago, i was using the ace of spades .dll from this link -snip-

Hello Marsaille,

I am the admin who banned you from babel, one of our famous server. Thank you for coming forward to admit your wrong doing. Let me introduce you about aloha. We are very easy group and we believe on the second chance (to those whose come forward, admitted their wrong doing and promise not to hack again).

I want you to delete all of hacking tool first and then I will give you another chance to play.



Uhhh that just sounds like if pushed you’d jump straight back into aimbotting. Maybe I’m just jaded after being staff for 4 years but it sounds sketchy mate.

Sorry to butt in Nathan, just thought that point alone was worth a post.

Juxta mate,

Please feel free to comment anything my case. I treat this as a public appeal anyone can post their thought to it.



So i dont really know how to show that i deleted all of the hacks so i tried to show it through these two attachments showing the recycling bin before and after deleting these two items.