March FSOM

Hi everyone, you get the chance to pick the game mode again for March FSOM :slight_smile:
There has already been a top contender in a staff vote but I’m going to let everyone else also have a vote.

The 4 most voted on game modes by the staff were plus a little description

Fun, competitive, crazy game mode created by Danke. Where you can pick and choose special powers from toxic bullets, to teleporting, to landmines for more information go to
Also note if you have any map suggestions for blockpower post them here they will be added to the map poll next week.
Current Rotation: 2keep, cord2, darkfort, deucehills, forks, shaft2, bighouse

Dig Dug
Get your hard hats on and grab your shovels because its an all out battle in a mine.

Twice the amount of teams, twice the amount of death… and twice the percentage of getting shot at.


Fort wars what else is better?

fortwars y e s

blockpower! then dig dug! then fortwars! then 4teams!


This is looking exactly like the staff poll :p. I bet fro had something to do with it.

Fortwars FTW! :slight_smile:

But…digdug D:

Blockpower or Fortwars!
What the hell is fortwars???
I played fortwars already but I don’t know how exactly the build phase and combat phase works. Also why the intels are underground and then teleport to/appear on surface after some time.

Haha lol Monsta :smiley:

Fort Wars. :slight_smile:

Vote please

Dig Dug! :3


IntelRPG or globalwar next time please

Can we create a four team tdm, no intel to cap, and not on pinpoint? that might be interesting at some point…

*not voting, prob will be working