Map Mini Deck Arena

I personally like this map Mini Deck Arena and I’m sure that I am not the only one. But for the arena mode, that map just screws things up because of the spawn height and its fall damage. I once had a situation where I fell down and got my HP cut down to 53. It’s pretty ridiculous. Sometimes I will take terrible fall damage or sometimes not at all. I want to know if there is anyway to avoid that fall damage in arena mode and if there isn’t, I am hoping that the admins will call the map maker Serious_Sim to lower the spawn a bit. Pretty hard to play with your HP at 80(average) every game.

…Wat. I never take fall damage there… You sure you’re not trying to jump down the stairs from blue’s spawn?

Some times, fall damaged are just weird. Try to live with it because you can get some damage, or a lot, even if its a small jump. I got to 83 hp jumping of like 8 blocks or so.

Most I had was 100 :stuck_out_tongue: Im sure you got that as well.

that used to be one of my pro stages, but the hp drop you speak of isn’t enough to FaZe (most) people
any of the older players get my pun in that sentence?

For greens its possible to have no damage in spawn.For blue idk.

Haha I get it :wink:

I’ve never gotten spawn damage from green spawn, but you can null out all fall damage from the blue spawn (and even the grunting sound) if you crouch just before you land, then pop back up after landing. It always works for me, and I think it helps a lot when playing on that map. :wink:

Also, I’ve DIED from the blue spawn box. From full health to none. :’(

You could change it if you want.