Make more new modes?

The new modes that come out nowadays are great, it’s just that no one plays it. Do you think that programmers should create more new modes for people to play if people aren’t going to play on there? For example, Last Stand, Soccer, Fallout, Classicgen, Four teams, CTF, ToW arena-gen are examples of maps that never got popular or are not popular anymore. I ask again: Should people keep creating modes for people to play if most of them are going to be abandoned?

TBH it’s not that people don’t play new gamemodes, it’s that people usually prefer to stick to the ones they know. The servers that are full are usually just two-three, babel, Hallway and maybe PP/Arena

The thing is that we need to do something for people to get used to new modes and get familiar with them instead of not playing them on first sight.