Maddybear your heart will break because


You asshole

I expected major spoilers and now I’m disappointed

daryl dies

Even a Monsta can troll

Not funny Monstarules. Remember what Danke said to me about trolling? Same rules for you. You are not special.


Due to what? Why the cliff hanger?

I think those 2 gifs are the most accurate of them all when it comes to my exression towards what he said.

I congratulate you on that. 10/10. Did you even read my signature? Now if you say that was different. It wasn’t. Danke, every time and I mean EVERY TIME I do no shit to you, you have to do this. There’s not much I can do about it because you are a really important admin for aloha. In my opinion YOU should stop using those ‘gifs’ against. Honestly if you were an important admin you would’ve never have said “This is why I ignore all your messages” when I didn’t even know what I did was wrong and I even accepted it. Admins are sopouse to answer messages as soon as possible and help out the player. Have you ever? I’d like to see you go check. Yeah maybe one or twice, but so what where did I go wrong? Don’t get me wrong people have reasons to hate me, but believe it or not, I face palmed myself after reading all the threads that I made, that made flame wars. Do you have an account on BnS…? Not sure if yes or no because I don’t recall you posting. Go read the LAST and I mean LAST post I made in the “henper plz unban me” thread.
Now, I don’t want to get into a fight with admins, just want to keep this between us, it’ll affect my reputation a lot because I’m having a lot of trouble building it and I don’t want it to crack in a second. Accept my apologies, but I felt like I had to post this. I have nothing against you personally just this.
Good day sir, Acetheking.

And now we wait for the eagerly anticipated gif response from Based Danke.

A harmless joke is not the same as antagonizing other people. This ‘trolling’ and the trolling I warned you about are not even close to the same thing. Think a little before you post.

"This is why I ignore all your messages" when I didn't even know what I did was wrong and I even accepted it.
Every time I have responded to your calls for help on #aloha it has been you complaining about some player on the server 'being mean to you'. I am not your mom, I only care about whether the servers have technical problems or aimbotters or griefers on them. In that case you asked for help and when I responded you simply said 'nevermind.' I do not appreciate people wasting my time, and you are pretty high up on the list of people who waste my time.
Admins are sopouse to answer messages as soon as possible and help out the player. Have you ever? I'd like to see you go check. Yeah maybe one or twice
I am one of the most active admins in this community. I rarely if ever announce that I am responding to a request for help, but most of the time I do it quietly and quickly. Whether or not you think I'm doing 'my job' is the last thing I worry about.

But hey, at least I’m not a hacker, right?



that’s what she said. haha, you know what I’ll just back off for now. I don’t give two shits if danke does not want to be friends to prevent problems. see what i mean? i try TO be nice but noooo. Nooooo. you just don’t want to. say what you want there are other admins to look up to witch are much better than you like BR and 8x. #GET_REKT.

nonono. because he/we are not admins it doesn’t mean you can say someone is better than us. we work as a team.

I know, you’re thinking that if you try to be friendly with the admins you’ll get a good reputation and the chance of being a staff. But try asking yourself what you should change first

[19:27] <Acetheking> but I have a feeling I'll be banned again
[19:27] <Acetheking> by you know who
[19:27] <+Raykay101> For what?
[19:28] <Acetheking> for disrespecting I guess?
[19:28] <Acetheking> when I did no shit

And by that, now you’re saying that someone’s gonna ban you again (who is obviously danke). And it seems like danke is the bad person here for not being friendly with you.

Pro tip:[details=Click for details]Fix your attitude[/details]

also a gif:


tobi don’t post gifs of yourself xD

I don’t know what world you come from, but the quote right here doesn’t really sound “nice”, if not hostile.

new gif thread?