LESSON: Truth = Good

#1) Wait 20-30 mins in case you were vote kicked This happened about a day ago

#2) Please specify your ign (in game name) 0wn4g3(Darkmario765 and Moosee are other accounts of mine as i have 3 Laptops)

#3) Server you were playing on. Either babel or arena

#4) Reason for ban (please be truthful)I was using a client which let me see where everyone was and aimbotting I also was Ban Evading by making 3 accounts but you were smart and IP banned me. So sorry for Ban Evading

#5) Reason why you should be appealed. I have since banned realized that this game is no fun when you cheat. I have since: removed the client, played fair on other servers, and have been helpful in those servers communitys

#6) Date and time (approx) I believe it was around 5:30 on October 28 2012

Thank you for taking the time to read this ban appeal admins. I hope you accept this appeal and I can play on your community again without using a hacked client or any bots.

You’ll be lucky if you ever get unbanned. Aimbot is usually permaban no questions asked and so is ban evading. Just depends what admin banned you.

Hello, I was the admin who banned you. Before I do any unbanning or reducing the ban or just leaving it. I would like you to tell me why you aimbotted in the first place. Also please include any details that led you up to begin hacking. I just want to know what happened to lead you up to download the program and use it on inoccent players that were just trying to have fun. Also if im not mistaken you were a very obvious aimbotter. Just trying to get a feel of your position and what made you use the stupid program.
Also im a pretty reasonable person since you admitted at the start and take consquences for your action and not say oh “my brother did it” I trully thank you for being so up front at the start of it. Maybe you can get back to playing legitly after we take care of this. :slight_smile:

I aimbotted in the first place because I got a bit angry dying every time I killed someone(I soon realized that Dying is part of the game and I should play fair). I feel really bad for any player I killed with my aimbot ruining their fun of the game. If anyone I aimbotted in the previous days and you are reading this post, I would like to let you know I’m honestly sorry I ruined your time playing aloha.pk. I know that cheating is bad and I feel really bad for using such a program. I do realize for my consequences and I know I should have never been a cheater Its just as stupid as starting smoking or taking drugs. As a wise man once said: “Cheaters never win and Winners never cheat”. I shall apply that to this game and If i’m cheating I’m not winning, I’m just using an over advantage and making the other team miserable. Now sure it may say “[Team Color here] has won” But I didn’t win, I cheated. I honestly hope you can give me a second chance to prove myself worthy on your guys servers. Thanks color for giving me a chance. God bless and everyone on the East Coast stay safe

Ban has been shortened to 2 weeks. Requesting lock on this topic.