LESSON: Lying = Bad

#1) Wait 20-30 mins in case you were votekicked
I was not votekicked

#2) Please specify your ign (in game name)
#3) Server you were playing on.
aloha.pk 1ctf 24/7 pinpoint
#4) Reason for ban (please be truthful)
i guess for hacking
#5) Reason why you should be appealed.
I was banned for no reason, no one was calling me hacker execpt one person i think it was faze temperr.
Then suddenly a guy said uhh accuzing each other of hacking when both of u hack and he banned me… idk if he was banned…
Seriusly i dont freaking hack sure i get a shit load of kills? so? its not like its difficult to aim at those little heads that pop up in little squares =="comeon… i dont hack and im really good at AoS.
No i have not waited 30 min… nor a day. its 7:00 PM GMT+8 right now i hope tomorow ill get a response today(9/19/12) tomorrow (9/20/12) all GMT+8 (China,Macau)
#6) Date and time (approx)
I was banned around 6:40PM GMT +8.

#4) Reason for ban (please be truthful) i guess for hacking
That's a good guess. You are permabanned for using aimbot.
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So… how do i get unbanned ==" i wasnt aimboting, Im being honest from the begining yes? so no i dont aimbot, how the hell am i supposed to prove that? i already said im good at aos why dont people believe me!

You are not getting unbanned. I am the one who banned you I’ll tell you why I don’t believe you.

I want you to meet Guus, although technically you’ve already met.

(if images could talk he would now be saying: Hi, I’m Guus!)

Guus has two talents. He knows how to sneak into the opponents base without being seen. His second talent is he can stay very very quiet for very long in a hidden space.

Guus found this nice little spot just a couple of inches away from you and did his thing.

This is the moment where my talent kicks in: observing. I was watching you for some time already because of your snapping and suspicious shots until all of a sudden… hey… your gun points directly to Guus. And again. And again.
After a couple of times snapping your gun towards Guus you decide enough is enough and kill the poor little green bastard. You walk straight towards him, dig him up and kill him.

Prrrring goes my alarm and I gave the old banhammer a good swing.

So there it is, the story of how xEthanoL got permabanned.


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You are wrong. First of there was a guy that kept coming to our base apperently hes name is Guus(lol), i kept seeing him with a spade.
idk if it was him or someone in my team but, i kept hearing blocks breaking and falling, u know the sound when your breaking a block and the sound when a block isnt hold on to another block, so i went to “check” to see who was it
because (people who play with me) know that i voteban alot to greifers, so i was gonna go and see whos the guy, i went digging because it was a really good structure and i was in a good spot, AND NO, I DID NOT GO STRAIGHT TO HIM, that part you are wrong. So yes heres my story. and i didnt dig him up and kill him i hit him trough the wall. you are wrong in that part too.

Good story. Not true.

You couldn’t have seen him, because as I told you one of his talents is not to get spotted or heard. I know, because I was Guus.
Oh wait, I didn’t tell you, I have it on video.


At the start of the video you point straight to poor Guus who is in hiding, and did I tell you he kept very quiet?


After about 1:40 you decide Guus is torturing you a bit too much by his silent presence and you sent him to rest with your spade.

End of discussion.



I love you your a great admin =) meh i give up lol anyways i was banned for wallhacking not aimboting =) still got my aimbing skillz boyy

Is it posssible that i get unbanned after one month?

If you look on the other ban appeals, you can see that is not true.

elson96 because you were so unwilling to be upfront, Drebbel had to go out of his way to prove your guilt, which wasted effort that could have been used for people who really needed it. thanks for nothing. we have absolutely no reason to trust you. we would all be in a much better situation if you had just been honest from the start.

I wish there was a ‘like’ button…

far, far away from here

Actually being honest in the start wouldnt do any difference… anyways ty for response weill never hack again…

It would save us the time of arguing with you.
However, you just solidified my view that all aimbotters should never be forgiven, ever, so I guess something did come of your pointless quibbling.

Guus sound like a great guy, I would love to meet him just not the way your supposed to meet him lol.

But anywho, xEthanoL I liked you, and still do, you aimbotting changed nothing… other than you getting permban… But basicly trust, and friends are more valuable than gold, sometimes in life lying is not going to get you anywhere. Most of the time you have to tell the truth, I learned that the hard way.

But let this be a lesson to you.

lol gaming how old are you?
talking about lessons of life :stuck_out_tongue:

lol doesn’t matter how old i am, im 13 BTW lol… doesn’t matter lol

… you have to try before you give up =)

There is no point in trying if you cheat the whole way.

“Stick the barrel of the main gun in a window. Fire. Room cleared” Tank commander

Or in this case

“Take your mouse, put it over the ‘lock thread’. Click. No more stupid comments” Admin

I used to cheat, do you think I shouldn’t be trusted?