Lego Minecraft, Eve, and Back to the Future

Lego Minecraft

Lego Eve Online

Lego Back to the Future

I think I’m 7 again. ;D


Original Lego is super cool, I don’t mind the themed sets but I hope we all agree mega blocks sucks!


Meagblock’s Halo Collection is awesome!

All mega blocks is cheaply and poorly made,people were making halo Lego long before mega block.

Yes mega blocks do suck. They don’t even fit. I had a 1000 piece carrier and i returned because it collapsed. The halo sets are o but cheap. Jyromefedx, I agree old Legos are cool and I actually have Legos from McDonald kids meals and from an international airline toys. My brother got a Lego time traveler from 1996 as a gift from school and hasn’t opened to keep it as a collectible. I think Lego Star Wars has cool sets.