Leaderboards and statistics!

For the last few days we’ve been working on making a website for your Ace of Spades statistics. We’re excited that it’s finally ready to show you!

Click here to view the leaderboards, or click “AoS Stats” in the navigation bar.

For now, all we’re tracking is kills and deaths. In the future, we will add stats about, for example, intels captured, blocks placed, and accuracy.
For example, how cool would a page like this be?
If you have ideas for additional stats to track, reply :slight_smile:
Ideas we already have: link link link link

To be tracked, you have to be logged in. Use your forum name and password. The command is: /login . Make sure you only log in on official aloha servers! All of our servers are on the serverlist on that page.
If your forum password is too long to comfortably type, or you’re worried about leaking it, you can set an AoS-only password in your profile.


#I suck

Well, how do I make it snazzy, and then frontpage it :slight_smile:

Lol my ratio is gonna be so terrible…

We’ll track blocks placed too, you’ll win :wink:

7.0 wat

10/10 would bang

too laggy to access leaderboards…

:smiley: dem hacker’s be ruinin mah shit
But seriously really great job guys!
I lived and died for the leaderboards!

Sadly, we mere builders cannot log out. I request the ability for builders to log out

I’ll let you guess what command logs you out.

tried /logout, said i was not logged in
And yes, i was 100% sure that i was logged in, because i tried it thrice

Worked for me. s:

You are trusted

Hmph. Maybe it doesn’t work for regular logins. We (BR) will look into it.

oh. xD

?? ?? ??

/logout wont make it stop recording stats.

! ! ! ! ! !

BR never planned on fixing it.

BR is gonna have a ton of work on his arse

Lol this is awesome, you out did yourselves. Good Job guys.
Obviously you guys are going somewhere with it, but just thought I’d say it anyway /resetStats.

Keep up the good work guys.

Very interesting feature for average users.

I’ll be far under as a builder but still, it would be interesting to add WIN/LOSS if player did more than 7 minutes in a game.

This way, it shows that builders DO make a difference in games like Babel even if we have a terrible ratio and we would not have to log out to not show bad stats.