Leaderboards and statistics!

Wow, my k/d is just over 1 and I’ve been jumping to my death a lot for block refill…

Looking good.

Cool! :slight_smile:

That is really cool :smiley:

Builders are just the guys who do the dirty work. No respect when it comes to stat lines.
But as the organized matches have proven, we own the night!!!

Planning on tracking W/L and building stats :slight_smile: You’ll have your space to shine

How do you add it to your signature?


^^that’s yours

figured it out thanks :slight_smile:

For anyone else: If you go to AoS stats at the top of the page, then click your name, at the bottom of your stats profile some code is there to put in your sig.

wow, nice new scoresig

The only thing I would suggest for this is the ability to change the sorting method on the leaderboard. For example, showing the top ratios or top deaths.

Very NICE!

Suicides don’t count.


Thanks BR!

dayum, 2 days without playing and i got bumped down 30 places

^ that’s why I wanted to sort it by other things, like KDR

what if i have a name with spaces? i cant log in?

If your username has a space, you would put your name in quotations (" ") So for you, it would be /login “big boss” [password]

Have fun :slight_smile:

love you