Ace of Spades: tower of babel
I was banned after i used a hack.
That was my first time that i was hacking on any game i know it ruins it. i hacked because i was so annoyed about other hackers that i just want to show them how funny that is to play against hackers(sarcasm)

I was banned at the May 22, 2014, around 09:15 AM HST

Hello Ladykiller90
I was the admin that banned you.

It is nice to see that you are honest and not trying to deny what happend and I couldnt find any other bans on you. That is in your favor.

However I would very much like to know why you didn’t use the /admin command to alert us about the players you thought where hacking? Instead you decided to use hacks to try to get back at them and as a way to went your frustration? I would also like to know how I am supposed to know you will not let your frustration get the better of you again and why you should be unbanned?

I hardly believe that the other legit players at the time thought it was fun. I was watching you the entire time and you where just shooting other players at random.

Before I take any decisions regarding your ban I would like you to answer the above questions and explain yourself better.

I thought nobody on the admin side would listen, i played so much games with other guys how hacked and nobody was doing anything against that, or what there tried was useless.
A good Example of that is S4League europes most succesfull third person shooter,but unplayable cause to many hackers,maybe someone try to improve hack protection but its useless a hacker will always find a way in the game.
I shoot random cause i was pissed that the other team just let this guys hack i started kickvotes but only my side voted.
I could just change my ingame name ,reset my router to get a new ip and use a free tool to change my MAC adress and your ban would be useless, but i didnt’t cause it’s important for me not to be listet anywhere as hacker.
I’m happy to see that someone is listening on the admin side, that someone is taking care about there servers and not only let them run.
I dont know what else i could say without lieing to get compassion.
I hope you will unban me and i promiss not to hack again and use the /admin command, now i know someone is taking care off.

I am sad to see that you decided to evade the ban and join our servers anyway even though you came clean at first. With a bit more patient maybe this could have turned out another way. You also said that it was important for you to not be listed as a hacker, apparently not important enough to wait for this answer. From now on you are not only listed as a hacker but also an evader. Even more so you know it.

And as you may be aware of now there are indeed staff watching out for our servers. You actually decided to ruin your reputation on one of the rather few places that tries really hard to take care of their legit players.

Evasion or not I do hope you will learn something from this. You became a part of exactly what you hate yourself: someone hacking and ruining the game for legit players.

Me and many others will keep watching out for players ruining the experience for others.

Appeal denied.


yeah i evade the ban, being patient isn’t my strong side, but i stopped hacking its just boring.

P.S.:Last post you can erase this account.