kyogre06 (ban appeal)

  1. Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your “ban” is not just a votekick?
    Yes I did

  2. What is your in-game player name?

  3. What server were you playing on when you got banned? Tower of babel

  4. Why were you banned?
    I do not know
    a player built into the base building and interrupted the passage to recharge cubes and I destroyed the building that did not waste any time, the player just stood and appeared a message in English that he could not build or at least that I understood (speak little English) and could not put buckets or remove them, then I left and enter the server again and 4 seconds and banme happen very often and so
    It was not this month but is a bit annoying for no reason take me even for days

  5. Why should you be unbanned?
    because there is no reason why they have banned me and sorry I never posted anything and did not know if this goes here or in abuse report

  6. When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.
    about two months ago

speak little English and have used Google translator to write all

Your banned admin has been notify. Please rethink, revise your story and telling the truth, that would help you to get unban.


ok thanks :smiley: I hope to receive an answer soon, it is the truth from that day I have had this problem

Please don’t ban evade untill this has been dealt with.

ok I await your response u.u
and I hope to be left to play on their servers thank you very much in advance

Since your banned admin is absence, I will take over your appeal. i am going to give you another chance to revise your story. That would help you to get unban, if you tell us the truth, what did you do to get ban? and why do i have to unban you. I have solid evidence that banned you. I am very easy going with people who admit their wrong doing, and very hard to people who is hiding the truth.

Debido a que su administración es prohibido ausencia, se hará cargo de su apelación. voy a darle otra oportunidad de revisar su historia. Eso ayudará a conseguir eliminar la prohibición, si usted nos dice la verdad, ¿qué hiciste para conseguir prohibir? y ¿por qué tengo que quitar el ban usted. Tengo evidencia sólida de que usted prohibió. Estoy muy fácil ir con personas que admiten su mal hacer, y muy difícil a la gente que está ocultando la verdad.


Hello and thanks for replying
I am willing to work together and I really want to play on their servers, that story is true and I think that was the reason because since that day I have that problem, I used hack, but stop using it long before me banned by fear of the same thing, i dont said it before was long ago if my memory serves me, and because I stop using it I thing is not the reasson for my ban.
but if the reason for my ban is that I apologize and please let me play on them because I really like Ace Of Spades and not use hack Please YnY

Thanks for write in spanish

hola y gracias por responder
yo estoy dispuesto a colaborar ya que en verdad quiero poder jugar en sus servers, esa historia es cierta y considero que ese fue el motivo ya que desde ese dia tengo ese problema, he usado hack, pero deje de usarlo mucho antes que me prohibieran por temor a lo mismo, no lo dije antes pues fue hace mucho si mi memoria no me falla y debido a que deje de usarlo no podia ser la razon de mi ban.
pero si la razon de mi prohibicion es esa pido disculpas y que por favor me dejen jugar en ellos ya que me gusta mucho Ace Of Spades y ya no utilizo hack

I am glad that you admitted of hacking. I looked and checked to make sure that you did not evade during your ban. But seem like you have 2 evades against you. Since this is your first time to hack and i am willing to reduce your ban to 3 days from this post or (10-30-2014). Just on time for the Halloween. Please stay off any aloha’s servers until your ban has been expired. If you decide to evade or enter to any of aloha’s servers during 3 days period, then you will ban permanently.

Thank you and enjoy the games.

Me alegro de que hayas admitido hackear. Miré y comprobe para asegurarme de que no evadieras el ban. Pero parece como si tuvieras 2 en tu contra. Dado que ésta es la primera vez que hackeas estoy dispuesto a reducir la prohibición hasta 3 días a partir de este post o (30/10/2014). Justo a tiempo para Halloween. Por favor, no entres a ningún servidor de aloha hasta que se haya vencido la prohibición. Si decides evadir o ingresar a cualquiera de los servidores de aloha durante el período de 3 días, entonces tu ban sera de forma permanente.

Gracias y disfruta de los juegos.

ok thanks for that decision was glad of it :smiley:
I’ll wait the day you told me, thank you very much ^^

ok gracias por tomar esa decisión me alegro de ello :smiley:
yo esperare los dias que me dijiste, muchas gracias ^^