[KV6][OS MOD] Twodayudie's Spade

So I got into Moding recently and i finaly decided to styop painting and finaly make my own. I’m starting with a spade, something not too complicated, it’s already a step in the right direction!

here is a screenshot of what it looks like so far, not sure i’ll stick with the black handle, it’s a Work in progress, if you have any suggestion feel free to say and help me !

EDIT Of Course this thing will be dipped in pink paint once i’m done :wink:

Can’t wait to see your mods! I have a mod I made myself but I HATE modding weapons in OpenSpades because of the sights and stuff. :stuck_out_tongue: Wishing the best modding experience to you!

Thx hopefully i’ll manage to learn a lot of stuff, i just got into slab6 and i think the controls are a bit wierd. So far i got this but if you guys have any suggestions in general for that spade let me know :wink:

You should try Voxelshop or Magicavoxel (what I use). Magicavoxel is awesome because it can render it actively and you can see what it will look like with nice lighting. Its controls are also easy to use and it’s fun!

It’s pretty good. Reminds me of those garden shovels. lol

Kinda what i aimed for. But i think i’ll change iot for an Entrenching tool. PRobably open to use it like a spade but i’ll make the spike show in the back.

That’s a good idea.

I’m done with it :D, changed a little bit the design of it but it looks pretty cool. Still went for the Entrenching tool but i made the spike and the spade be open at the same time (for functional design purpose).
Here is a quick video of me playing around with it not on a populated server tho. would have been insane to try and get a spade kill on arena lol.


Looks good. Me likey.
Also, that thumbnail though.

hehehehhe dat tumbnail is from my MLG AoS serie that i make… thinking about it, i should make a new one soon lol.
I just took the Doritos Frame and the words out and added new one lol.

Hey, that’s pretty good.

for interested ppl



Oh, so you didn’t put the download link?

isn’t the Dropbox link a download link? :wink:

ya’ll like tanks? guess what, MY grenades are now tanks xDD

very cool, I personally have pineapples

That’s cool. Throwing explosive tanks at people. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since you can’t Edit anymore i need to make a new post… whatever…
So i made a player skin, a nade and a Spade. Link in the Spoilers down below

Let’s get into it. Warning SPOILER ALERT!

Click for details





Dropbox - player mod.zip - Simplify your life


Click for details



Dropbox - Spade.kv6 - Simplify your life


Click for details



Dropbox - Grenade.kv6 - Simplify your life

NOTE If you want diffrent Textures for the Skins, hit me up in a private message, it’ll be a pleasure to rework them to make sure it suits everyone and not only myself :wink: y’all have a good time out there okay?NOTE




Everything is pretty nice, but I don’t kinda like the way the guy is holding the spade/shovel.
It’s levitating.

I would need to move the entire model 3 blocks towards the character… i don’t feel like it unless you guys know a trick to move an entire model on slab6