yep you guessed it
Kerbal space program

post your
fav ships
best ships
best records
Epic fails
mechjeb stupidity
jeb trying to skydive [yea i did that, kerbal squash anyone?]

bill hitting the self destruct :open_mouth:

* Scipio Ejects from ender station

here is one of my fav ksp you-tubers

most of his episodes feature lol scenarios
_* Scipio munches on popcorn _

Already working on Spaceship Aloha anyone got any good ideas of mission flags? [just gotta delete a few unnecessary mod parts cause it doesn’t wanna really use my v mem which i put out for it :L and it stores it all in the mem i wanna get down to 1.3 gigs worth of stuff]


Great! Another game I cant play!

Why? My comp specs are pretty crappy
2 gig ram +2 gig of virtual mem
1.5 duo core
550 nvidea 8000

And imm playing it moded to a certain point ( game crashes at atimes when it started to eat into my virtual mem.)

Why don’t you just buy a good pc?

8 gb RAM
Intel i5 3.4 GHz
Nvidea GTX Geforce 760

Want to but i have other priorities atm plus i will once i get the go ahead (already picked out a sweet predator) comp, but if i find a better one for the same price imm taking it.

how much is it?

1k plus tax in tiger direct i already have the money

Edit heres the predator imm talking about seems to have gone down in price

I know to 630 isn’t recent but ive stress tested my friend’s and it is way more than enough for me
Either way i will be running xp 64 bit (might do 7 but i have had very bad experiences with it)



You know windows 8, 64 bit is already on it right? If you’re going to replace the windows 8 with xp i’ll give you a 2 really big warning…
Acer can trow your gaurantee of your pc cuz of that.
It might not work if you dont know for shit what you’re doing.

Imm aware its 64 but its a mem hog and not at all polished imo. Imm aware of acer, and i can do my own maitenince if something fails. For the xp warning i know what imm doing i was installing a fresh xp onto my desktop to run ksp lol. Wondows 7 wouldn’t even hear of it (i like my mods). Xp is like a brother to me its the one operating system that works smothly and doesn’t love bsod. Even then it just feels natural (lol i had a xp crap comp (still have it btw) its one of those that run on magnetic clumcky hard drives lol.

Hey I might have missed the point of all this but why not build your own computer. you can have it the way you want it and probably save some cash.

Yeah, but you would still need some knowledge of building your own pc… I did built my own pc because my pc was already 1000 euro. (my startbudget was 800)

I do have the knowlage to build a computer

Then build one!

Suck my dick SnIpEr-. #plzdonthate

Or buy a second hand computer that runs decently for a low price, and over time upgrade hard ware. An extra few gigs of ram here, a new PSU there.

I went with a custom build ill send a pic of the case (got a sweet while case) ignore the paper with times on it i made it was for my sister and i to share (just trying to be nice plus its a way to get her off my butt. No more complaining i have the good comp lol ill send specs and a picture later

Thats why i couldn’t catch hackers :frowning: sorry.

Yay. I got into orbit for the first time. Sad thing is I went out of fuel right after that and have no idea how to come back now.

:O. You can always try rcs but… That doesn’t really have an effect but it you feel like cheating a tad and your on a pc do alt-f12. For the dev menu.

Heres my new comp btw

The case color is white btw.i didn’t notice the lights untill after it booted up.

Aloha station is in the workings lol 300 part count atm ftw. And this thing handles like its just one part lol at full res xD

Dreb if you don’t feel like cheating get the quantum struts mod and the mechjeb
Have mechjeb rondevous with your floating ship (lol please no more kerbal controlled just use a probe) and then activate the quantum struts and lock it in then just pull in into the atmosphere.
P.s mechjeb is cool it does takeoffs and landings like a boss, but… It is a rcs hog it also has a lot of cool features, and thats the way i learned to get my ship manually into space the first time, by watching how mechjeb did it. That was my 68 try before i got it right manually.

Theres a few good youtubers who have tutorials if you want them dreb aka jeb

Is your computer custom made? If so, what are the specs?

I guess I’ll leave the poor Kerbal floating for now.

I’m using the career mode to unlock different parts and get to know them better bit by bit. The youtube tutorials and kerbals wiki are very helpful indeed, the ingame tutorials and help aren’t really sufficient.

My next target is to get to Mun and back. Maybe I can wave to my poor lonesome floating Kerbal on my way there.

New comp specs randon 7850 2gb the equivilent of a gtx 660 ( amd has a built in overclocking system even them it runs rome 2 on extreme nicely but i get that crappy texture, i hate that bug) . Amd 3.6 quad core unlocked cpu 2 tb harddrive buch of 3.0 and esata usbs .

Dreb imm agreeing with you on the tutorials they suck, i did them and was ok? How do i get to mun my first attempt knocked me out of the kerban system and i couldn’t get back and eventslly crashed into the sun poor Commander Scipio of the munian exploerer (i used the crew manifest mod to made a commander scipio kerbal)