KomradeMort's ban appeal

  1. Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your “ban” is not just a votekick?
    More than 30 minutes

  2. What is your in-game player name? Please include it in the subject of this topic as well.

  3. What server were you playing on when you got banned? Reminder: We can only help you with bans that took place on aloha.pk servers.

  4. Why were you banned? Lying severely decreases your chances of getting unbanned. If your “little brother” got you banned, tell him to make an appeal, or accept responsibility on his behalf.
    Ban found. Server: “aloha infiltration”. Reason: “aimbot KomradeFPSH 8/16/12 MJ”.

  5. Why should you be unbanned?
    Here is my story: I went on 1-2 month wacation from aos. Before 1-2 months i could play on Aloha servers and have fun, but after 1-2 months (right now) i can’t because it shows that i am banned. I would like to have fun on aloha servers again and if i would hack i wouldnt waste my time here writting this post…

  6. When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.
    I don’t know, sorry

Well this is an issue…the admin who banned you isn’t around anymore. I’ll see if I can get something done.

It’s quite funny actually that are a lot people who at a sudden moment stop playing ace of spades and after a couple of months find out that they’re banned. I can no less than wonder what made them stop playing in the first place.

Also, why did you use FPSH’s name?

Apparently they’re two different people. FPSH was banned, with Mort having an apparently different IP.
His IP, being dynamic, shifted to FPSH’s afterwards, and thus he finds himself banned.

That’s the story as far as I’ve been told, but it does sound quite coincidental.

why i left aos? i had school + needed to take care of my minecraft server and help in one terraria server.

Also, i didnt use FPSH name.

KomradeMort has been banned from Minit for botting:

Minit Blacklist:

{"ip":"-"},{"reason":": Dr.Dew aimbot 01:23:22 CST 09\/16\/2012 Danke"}

However, he is changing his IP. Here’s a whois from IRC. Note his IP is now -:

* [KomradeMort_] (~KomradeMo@-): realname
* [KomradeMort_] @#akamort @#FF.1vs1 +#freedomfighters +#Komrade +#KomradeServer @#supercoolbuild @#supercoolchat #aloha 
* [KomradeMort_] *.quakenet.org :QuakeNet IRC Server
* [KomradeMort_] is authed as Mort
* [KomradeMort_] idle 00:02:24, signon: Thu Jan  3 11:08:19
* [KomradeMort_] End of WHOIS list.

Further evidence of ban evasion:

Jan 03 11:11:01 <KomradeMort_>	haha i can play again on servers
Jan 03 11:11:11 <KomradeMort_>	rebooted router and it changed ip again...
Jan 03 11:11:31 <Wyvern>	Well
Jan 03 11:11:41 <Wyvern>	Warning you KomradeMort_
Jan 03 11:11:49 <Pavel`>	KomradeMort_, what were you banned from
Jan 03 11:12:02 <KomradeMort_>	i dont really know
Jan 03 11:12:22 <KomradeMort_>	bans said for my ip that i was using aimbot as KomradeFPSH
Jan 03 11:12:26 <KomradeMort_>	and some other weird names
Jan 03 11:12:55 <Wyvern>	I suggest that instead of playing on stuff that you put in ban apeals
Jan 03 11:13:13 <Wyvern>	Lay low and play on other servers for a bit
Jan 03 11:13:30 <Wyvern>	You might be rangebanned for avoiding bans
Jan 03 11:14:18 <Pavel`>	yeah
Jan 03 11:14:25 <Pavel`>	wait
Jan 03 11:14:55 <KomradeMort_>	then how you can explain
Jan 03 11:15:01 <KomradeMort_>	that i was banned in august
Jan 03 11:15:03 <KomradeMort_>	with that ip
Jan 03 11:15:07 <KomradeMort_>	and could play in october
Jan 03 11:15:26 <KomradeMort_>	and september
Jan 03 11:15:34 <KomradeMort_>	and now i couldnt?
Jan 03 11:16:33 <Wyvern>	Don't need to
Jan 03 11:16:47 <Wyvern>	Just say it wasn't you
Jan 03 11:17:10 <Wyvern>	The admins are usually leaniant on the bans
Jan 03 11:17:24 <Wyvern>	as long as you don't get banned again you will be fine
Jan 03 11:17:25 <Pavel`>	hey mort where were you banned from?
Jan 03 11:17:36 <KomradeMort_>	komrade
Jan 03 11:17:41 <KomradeMort_>	aloha
Jan 03 11:17:42 <KomradeMort_>	minit
Jan 03 11:17:43 <KomradeMort_>	servers

He has also impersonated other Komrades on the Aloha servers while aimbotting (and has been banned from them too). The in-game names he used were KomradeFPSH and KomradeMod.

There are two problems with this: 1) There is no KomradeMod and 2) KomradeFPSH is from the Netherlands, not from Latvia, which is where Mort’s ip traces to.

I don’t have the logs/evidence because I’m not Aloha staff, but when we banned him as KomradeFPSH, he had a ridiculously high accuracy. Colorpinpoint might have them.

I recommend a range-ban.

as i said, i leave aos anyways, even they wouldnt unban me.

Lying certainly won’t get you unbanned.

I know this doesn’t concern me, but shouldn’t the IPs except for 1 interval be blocked from public view?

Lying? are you kidding me? I did not use FPSH name whoever that derp is.

i dont really care anymore about getting unbaned of these shitty admins here. i just say fuck aloha. never will play here again. all i know that you derps dont want to check if i had banned ip or not in that day. i could give all logs of whole year 2011-2013 of my ips used but you dont need it so i guess you just dont need players here anymore and are too lazy to do your job here.

Lazy admins - bad server, not worth to play here

To others i would suggest to leave aloha servers instead of getting accused for aimboting(with no proof that you did it) and banned globaly.

Changing my ip? hmm… Never know that non-static ip routers are illegal to use. Get proof that i was one hacking and then say that i did hack.
If i would been hacker, i wouldnt ever use this ip again if i would get banned. Even i can proof that i had static ip from 2011-2012 october and that ip wasnt ip that is banned.

I know this doesn’t concern me but I just wanted to say, Aloha admins are not lazy. You should see how much time they take to determine a hacker and the evidence they post. Without them, Aloha would be no fun and filled with hackers, griefers etc. If anything, they’re doing a great job. Anyways, have fun and best of wishes on your future adventuress :wink:

There are two issues here which must be resolved individually.

  1. Establishing whether or not you (the person behind the name “KomradeMort”, regardless of whatever username you were using at the time).
  2. Dealing with your dynamic IP.

In this case, since you KNEW you were banned (for whatever reason) in the first place, circumventing it with a dynamic IP as opposed to actually appealing to resolve it constitutes a ban evasion. It’s not illegal to use a non-static IP router, but it certainly is if you are using it evade bans. If you think you were arrested wrongfully, you don’t try and break out of your handcuffs, you try to get your name cleared. Banning subsequent IPs that you appear with is just a method to make sure you’re covered by the initial ban.

Of course, if your appeal is successful, you get unbanned. Since you’re here for an appeal, we’re at a good start.
Where to from here? Let’s find out why you were banned in the first place.

{“ip”: “212.93.x.x”, “reason”: “aimbot KomradeFPSH 8/16/12 MJ”}
This is in our banlist. The IP traces to Latvia, which is the country you are in. KomradeFPSH actually changed his name to KomradeFreeze, but he’s not from Latvia. Repeated logs from Freeze show that he’s actually from the Netherlands. If my geography skills serve me right, they’re separated by quite a distance, with Germany and Poland between the two.

Further investigation reveals that you connect predominantly from two IP ranges.
One is 213.226.x.x, the other is 212.93.x.x.

The KomradeFPSH ban is from 212.93.x.x.
That banned IP address was used again on August 21, under with the name “KomradeMort”.
This is quite literally 5 days from when the KomradeFPSH ban occurred.

Here is my deduction from the information.

  1. You’re connected to dynamic IP and have two places to connect from, one giving you 212.93.x.x and another giving you 213.226.x.x.
  2. You went in-game as “KomradeFPSH” on August 16 while at the 212.93.x.x place and was banned.
  3. Your IP did not change in 5 days, and you went to the IRC as “KomradeMort” on August 21 with the same IP.
  4. You were able to evade the ban later by resetting your router, since you’re on a dynamic IP.
  5. However, your dynamic IP sometimes shifts back to an IP you’ve used previously. This shifting-back is also confirmed from IRC connection logs.
  6. Your IP shifted around a bunch of times after that.
  7. Your IP shifted to the “KomradeFPSH-banned-IP” on January 1 and you found yourself banned again.
  8. Afterwards you just reset your router until you manage to evade the range again.

In that case, you’re clearly guilty. Can you offer an alternative explanation which still fits all the information available?

lol, trying to think reasons that are false… sure do it, probably you are one of fuck faces who wanted some people banned and i got in this list. Want fight? sure, aloha will get it. just one of things is that this ip wasnt banned after router restart, so you are lying about Range baned ip in august and before i heard it was Mod not Mort so really this is getting annoying that all of you just want to stop working on this post and not help people here.

We’re not being fuckfaces, and we’re also not trying to get you banned just to move on. The story you gave in the IRC was sketchy at best; it’s near impossible in terms of probablility, and that’s assuming it’s even possible for your IP to turn into an IP of a previous connection, which I’m not sure is even possible. In any case, the bans were placed for IP’s that all come from the same geographical location, if I remember correctly. Said location is Latvia, I.E. where you live. In addition, instead of working with us, you changed IP’s and therefore evaded the ban.

Anyway, cursing at us instead of working with us isn’t going to help you get unbanned. Please provide, to the best of your ability, an explanation that properly explains why A. “KomradeFPSH” (or whoever was behind that username) was banned from an IP that is/was at nearly the exact same geographical location as yours, and B. why you had the EXACT SAME IP as whoever this person was a mere 5 days after this occurence. I highly doubt that in 5 days time, this person’s IP changed and your IP changed to theirs. Assuming that is even possible, it’s still nearly insurmountable odds we’re working with. The fact that you’ve had only a limited set of IP’s used and yet your IP has been this one multiple times hints that “KomradeFPSH” (or whoever was banned ingame as him) is probably you.

Guess he’s not coming back. Didn’t like how it ended, but that’s that.
Furthermore, apparently this person has been found to evade multiple times and impersonate others.

You’re still banned. If you wish to appeal, make a new thread. Topic locked.