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KOR-FX Gaming Vest: 4DFX Haptic Feedback System

Summary: Get environmental feedback from your game! KOR-FX uses cutting-edge tech that lets you feel every movement, bullet, and explosion.

site: KOR-FX Gaming Vest: 4DFX Haptic Feedback System by KOR-FX (Immerz, Inc) — Kickstarter



Headbones: Bone Conducting Headphones deliver great sound

Bone conducting headphones use skull to amplify sound. Also feature traditional headphones. Great for running, cycling, walking & more



That doesn’t at all sound like it’ll grow a tumor in my brain and kill me…

The feedback vest sounds pretty awesome.

Cmoar - Personal Smartphone Viewer

The goggles that bring together the advantages of currently available devices, used for 2D and 3D movies and games, VR and AR


Gee… looks affordable