Kicked for no reason

I always play on 1ctf 24/7 pinpoint. And sometimes, while playing, I get banned for no reason. WHY?!

I warned you that you would get banned if you continued to scream “YO YO NIGGAS” every ten seconds.
You ignored it, so I banned you for a day
You evaded your ban so I banned you for 5 days
You evaded it again, so I figured I would just let you go on as long as you stopped screaming “YO YO NIGGAS” every ten seconds.
You didn’t, you were banned again.
You evaded it again, now you are permabanned.
You evaded that ban, now you are permabanned again.

Jesus! Ton of ban evaders lately! We need to fix this problem!

[quote author=GamingFTW link=topic=891.msg7696#msg7696 date=1343684021]

I’m sorry if I didn’t realize that I scream that every 10 seconds.
So please, just, please unban me.