Kick abuse

Hi, i was logged in to Aloha pinpoint and then get kicked in couple seconds. I tried to connect again (IP already changed), and then i got kicked again. That happens 3 times. Why did that happen? :-\

i tried again. And then melmo said “THE HACKER” and then i kicked. I don’t know what that means, but that very annoying since i’m not the person who melmo means. Heck.


Jazzer is the guard who abuse the power.

Hi. First let me lend you a helpfull hand and point you here.

You see no one was kicking you, you were consistently banned each time you evaded your ban for using the bot.

Hopefully the measures I took, will prevent you from joining. Ever.

You guys and your powers makes too many people mad, even if they deserve it (this is a compliment?).

Guys, you could have at least let him in long enough to explain his defense. Personnally, I think it shouldn’t be counted as ban evasion since he just thought some moron was abusing votekick. You guys need to lighten up occaisionally…

Pokefan, this topic is 3+ months old now.

I’m a moron…

I got kick from Counter strike Aloha =( IGN:[SCAR]Net