Kick Abuse AKA Troll Kicks

People in some arena servers really abuse kicks using random reason such as Pro, Noob, I love you, I hate you, etc. There are some good kicks that really target those aimbotters or ESP hackers, but there are some people that constantly abuse kicks. I got kicked 3 times in a row by a troll when I am not using hacks. I also want to complain about people’s view on hackers. People think that someone hacks when they get things like 10 killstreaks or have a high accuracy because they just joined. I got kicked lots of times and seen other people get kicked by trolls or by misunderstandings. If you don’t agree with me, that’s okay. I just don’t see a solution to this ‘votekicks’ because there are legit kicks targeting hackers, but some of them are just for trolling and misunderstood a legit pro.

Well, if you see someone abusing the votekick, report it Here, on the aloha IRC. Someone should go over and /cancel it or something.

Well everyone who sees this has to agree with the abuse part. The only way to handle this it to do as A Whit Guy has said and join IRC and inform the admins. I personally have abused the right before but that was a while back. I no longer abuse it because now i get kicked alot for no good reasons. I have no desire to be kicked for 30 mins because some guy thinks that my name is something to kick meh for. (but i successfully kicked 2 ppl for having 2 life left on tdm, xD but i no longer do it because it an asshole thing to do.)

Yeah I agree with these Troll Kicks as you call them. They get annoying at time and then after the troll kick, the person who was being kick would kick the person who tried to Troll Kick them. Then it would be chaos ={, Unless an admin makes it on time.

I feel you dude. Some times I’m just so good and get so many headshots cause I headline Aim sights at 3rd block for head shot and get a crap tone of kills and people start calling me a hacker and start voting me out and cuss at me. I totally see what your saying dude hate the trolls.

was banned for aimbot

No but really, please try to keep the arrogance about your skill level at a minimum, especially in your current situation.

On-topic: Eh, it’s only votekicks, they last about 30 minutes. If it bothers you, apply for trusted. Meanwhile, next time you’re votekicked, just use /admin to contact someone who has the ability to cancel it.

Personally, I only support “aimbot” votekicks if a boatload of people support the theory, or I see it myself.

Exactly, I see if I know the person, and if I know they would never aimbot, I would help bail them out. Any other occasion, I don’t bother really.

Well I’ve been noticing it happening a lot lately in Pinpoint. And you start to lose faith in the genuine ones. Like I saw a Blue playeer try to VK a Green player for Griefing…I almost /tb’d the person too until I noticed they weren’t on the same team when scanning for the ID.

They are uber annoying but I feel it comes at a price of having an open VK system like this.

It’s totally possible for you to see a person on the opposite team griefing, and thus initiate a votekick. I hope you actuall did do the /tb to check…

Sorry I realised I phrased that vaguely. The Blues were VK’ing a player who was on Green saying he was griefing their stuff. After I realised he was on my team I tracked him down and he was sapping their structure with an SMG.

Out of curiosity, what ratio of the people online must type /y for the votekick to go through? I’ve noticed that it is often quite difficult to get griefers kicked sometimes.



Did you change it with pyspades? It’s 1/3 vanilla.

I forgot what the PySpades/PySnip default is. I do think it should be a little bit less though. Also, I don’t think you can do vanilla servers anymore, since the master server changed.