Kestrel ban appeal

Kestrel tower of babel
23/1/15 1800ish GMT
Still banned after 12 hours

I don’t know why I was banned but the last thing I was doing was removing map blocks in front of the friendly tower. I guess due to the close proximity to the tower it is possible for this to be interpreted as griefing but that was not at all my intention.

When the enemy digs tunnels leading directly to the tower they gain easy access to the foundations which they can undermine from within. Excavating the tunnels before they reach the tower exposes the enemy, making it harder for them to infiltrate undetected. It is a similar to the common tactic of removing trees and buildings near the tower so the enemy cannot use them as cover. The excavated area also serves to advertise to other team members the existence of the tunnels so they are more likely to enter and defend them.

There were no player constructions involved, nor was I using any hacks or exploits to remove blocks I should not have been able to remove. I was using OpenSpades-0.0.12b.

I’m not seeing any bans on your name or IP. Can you confirm you are still banned?

Hos ban expired earlier today BR. I didn’t ban him but I checked for his ban after seeing this, and it was for removing blocks on babel. Apparently he shouldn’t have been able to remove the blocks.

So Kestrel, I believe you’re okay to play now.

I’m pretty sure I’m the one who banned Kestrel as I did ban someone for that reason couple of days ago.

If I’m the banner, the reason I have done so is that he was destroying friendly blocks that I could not, before I was logged in. He was not using the speed hack allowing to dig rapidy 3 blocks at a time, he was only able to break these blocks. I checked through /staff and I was the only one logged in, no one trusted or admin.

Since I have never seen such a hack, I asked through /admin and nathan replied to me from work that it was illegal and I banned him.

It was only a day ban, which probably explains why you guys could not see it after ban has been lifted up.

Now, if it was a bug from the system, I’d be glad to know about it, because I would keep banning anyone destroying blocks in the friendly zone.

The game is a bit weird in this regard, the protected zones don’t protect the blocks themselves but rather prevent players inside the zones from being able to destroy blocks. So on the edges of a zone you get this weird inconsistency of blocks being protected for some players but not others. You don’t know when you’re near the edge of the zone until you cross it, when suddenly all blocks within reach switch from being protected to unprotected or vice-versa.

I can understand the confusion, it took me a while to figure this out myself.

He’s got a point, as the script is refering to being in a specific zone. You can be outside the zone and break blocks that are on the fringes of it.