My IGN is JustSmall and was playing on the 1ctf pinpoint server.
I killed quite some players in a row (3 in 5 sec I guess) and because only a few players were online (1 houre ago) I was kicked (and it seems like I also got banned on all aloha.pk servers) after 3 or 4 votes.
I’d like to get unbanned because I haven’t been cheating at any point during my playtime and don’t want to at any point in my future.
My average accuracy is 30-40% with the rifle on 1ctf pinpoint and my ratio ranges from 0 and <4.
I hope you unban me.

Greetings, JustSmall

Learn to read.

I read that and I’m pretty sure I put everything that was required into my post.
Still not sure what is missing.

He was meaning to actuall copy and paste the template and then answer the questions.Also did you wait 30mins?If it was a votekick it is only a 30mins ban.

Well, you didn’t wait 30 minutes.
Found this in the log:

2012-12-10 09:56:30-0800 [-] JustSmall votekicked
You're able to play again.

I’m sorry, felt like I waited more then 30 minutes.
Gonna pay more attention to the time in case this happens again.