Just a random AoS question I need help with

Hey, guys. I don’t normally ask for stuff, but I wanted to know if there is some way to keep sound playing WHILE AoS is minimized. It’s because I have sounds/notifications that go off when I’m in-game (i.e. votekicking, PMs, kicks, bans, teleports, etc.) and, If I was to check the IRC, or have to minimize my game for some other reason, I’d want to still be notified of what’s happening on the server.

All I’m looking for is some sort of modification/settings change/other type of program which will continue AoS to sound when I ALT+TAB out of it for Windows 7.

Many thanks,


Get linux ubuntu its a new os but u can have up to 4 windows open and u can see them and hear all the sounds

Ubuntu is not a “new” OS btw. It’s been around for a while. I knew someone running Ubuntu over three years ago and it’s been around afaik since 2004.

Sorry I just had to point that out, information nazi that I am. And Chappy, is it the same in windowed mode? Since I can’t run windowed mode (weird Graphics on my laptop and I use a HD tv as my monitor…I have issues is all I’m saying) I don’t know but maybe worth a shot?

If not give the Ubuntu idea a go.

Another solution might be buying another computer for playing AoS and doing everything else on your other computer. You’re welcome.

I hit the window button (the one that opens start menu and looks like the windows logo. It minimizes and resumes just fine.

I do that too.

Yes, but then he can’t hear the notifications if you hit the windows button.

Try going into the config file (C:/Ace of Spades in the file folder) and you can set it to be windowed or not, it should still make sound when minimized in windowed mode.