Jon's Appeal

#1) Wait 20-30 mins in case you were votekicked

#2) Please specify your ign (in game name)

#3) Server you were playing on.
Aloha Pinpoint

#4) Reason for ban (please be truthful)
I “snapped” at people who were somewhere in our fort and was banned for “aimbot”. If I knew where they were, I would kill them. Anyway, I don’t aimbot neither do I know how to aimbot.

#5) Reason why you should be appealed.
I should be appealed because I wasn’t aimbotting or snapping at people. There could be a misunderstanding with those things. All in all, I shouldn’t be banend(banned*) for something I didn’t do.

#6) Date and time (approx)
Monday, November 19, 2012.
About 9 p.m. PST (GMT-8)

This was my ban. I saw a couple of things which made me suspicious:

  1. Snapping to targets very far away, and not actually shooting at them.
  2. Turned his view to a teammate. Another teammate was nearby, and his view quickly vibrated/resonated between the two.
  3. Found someone who infiltrated their fort without a direct line of sight.
  4. Bursts of kills followed by inactivity.

For #2, it was probably my mouse. It sometimes randomly does a “360” while ingame when I play.

For #3, there was a guy who always went by sea, so he was predictable and added on to my ratio.
For #4, I usually spawnkill because they are easy kills, it brings my ratio up, and it lets my team to cap the intel. This guy called “zai” (forgot whole name) told me to help on his slender map in the back of our spawn, so I built trees. Then the guy on the sea kept on coming and destroying the trees, but one time he hit me, so I saw where he shot me from and got him.

It’s no place of mine to say whether or not you were hacking. But I do want to say Jon has been playing for awhile, and I’ve never had any problems. People can change of course.

Jon as of this post you are no longer whitelisted on the MC sever. This can change as soon as this is all cleared.

ok :confused:

  1. No, the mouse was rapidly switching from pointing at one teammate to the other, back and forth.
  2. The person was physically in your fort (aka on land), somewhere on the second or third layer.
  3. I guess I see the spawnkilling, though it was the cycle between constantly missing shots and constantly hitting every shot that made me suspicious.

For #2, I really don’t know what happened there…it was probably my mouse.
For #3, I never knew he was there. I guess I looked at him while I was running towards the battlefront.
For #4, They were very easy to kill because they had no cover, but I could duck behind the land. This gave me an advantage, so when I arrived at their spawn, I got way more kills than when I was at my side.

Yes! I knew some of the [TSB] clan were hacking! I know Taesun doesn’t hack, and he’s an admin, but just knew inside that some of the [TSB] clan was hacking.

–On topic–
Unless you have some information/evidence that you weren’t hacking (i.e. video footage, images, etc.) then it’s going to be pretty hard for you to get unbanned. I’ve never been banned myself, but just for safety, I ALWAYS record my matches. This also helps for banning hackers when admins are unavailable, because I can just upload the video footage/evidence straight to YouTube! :smiley:

I would like to hear a explanation on #1 please.

If I were you, just admit. I, myself was stubborn and it got nowhere.

Well obviously you don’t know much about TSB, just because he was banned doesn’t mean he did for a fact. It’s happened before were people have been falsely banned and i’m sure it could happen to anyone(although in no why am i saying i don’t trust Reki’s judgement.) On the right day, anyone can look like they’re hacking, i for one know that he doesn’t hack, although you cannot go solely on my word, if you ask anyone who knows him well, outside of TSB, they’ll tell you the same thing.

And yes i know this probably goes into the classification of posts that get into the Admins ways, but i do not like someone making statements to which they do not know is true.

Well, if you want Jon to admit the truth, he has already spoken the truth. I have played Jon and he is not hacking, he is just pro at the game (he is beatable). If you say Jon is hacking, does that me Eddie, Tyler, etc. from TSB are also hacking? I think that Jon is not hacking, I have spoken. (Just a thought, was the opposite of Jon’s team exposed in anyway because Jon is really good at that kind of stuff).

For #1, I never snapped. I maybe have looked at them while I was running up to the battlefront because I probably guessed where they were.
Anyway, I hate being accused of what I didn’t do. I don’t hack or aimbot and I think that it ruins the game and etc.

A little, venom, but this was well said. I’m going to go a bit off-topic and stand on the pulpit myself.
What does being in a clan have to do with hacking in any way (we’ll ignore the “clans dedicated to hacking” for now)? That’s like saying, if you caught someone from Los Angeles hacking, you spout some nonsense like “I know some people from Los Angeles hack!” Well no, duh, but making any generalization from the actions of an individual onto the clan as a whole is just prejudice. Don’t do it.

Jon, I have a tool that lets me see the game from your eyes (first-person spectate, I like to call it). My screen was very clearly snapping between targets, so I know yours was as well. “I think it was my mouse” isn’t even a reasonably well-constructed counterargument.

I have been using a website that helps you quickly turn your head and shoot at another person. The website is called It helps me react to people who pop up in my screen faster. Click to fast aiming on the website. It is similar to your “snaps” because I turn from one perspective to another.

Alright let’s use that website as a reference.

You see the dot size for Press Reaction Pro? That’s about as big as the size of the person I planted.
Imagine playing Fast Aiming with dots of those size, and not missing. That’s what you were doing in the AoS game.

No, I am just saying it helps me to do that, but I always get -5,000 minimum when I play a full round. They are hard, but I hit them rarely.

Alright, tell you what.

I’ve never suspected you before, and I personally found the sequence of events leading me to find “proof” of aimbotting bizarre myself. I’ve spoke with other admins, and they likewise think the probability of you having aimbotted is extremely low. Maybe you didn’t snap, but moved smoothly, since you were lagging.

I’ll give you a second chance, but I’ll be on high alert. If I see anything remotely fishy again, that’s it.


Thank you Reki. You are just doing your job and I respect that.